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  • A 3rd Alien Faction...

    Was just wondering if anyone had made another alien faction with the SMACX faction editor. How do they react with the original alien factions? Are they always at war? (well.. always suppose to be at war) there is no alien blurb text for alien factions. so my guess would be that all alien factions reguardless of number are always at war, but haven't actually tried it.

    What keeps the Caretakers from transending? (I've heard they can't transend but haven't ever tried a transendence with them) It's not an option in the faction editor. Can I add 'non-transendence' to an alien faction by using the Caretakers as my 'template' instead of the Upsurs or a human faction?

    Was just wondering and don't have the time to piddle with it :/

    "Power does not corrupt; it merely attracts the corruptable"

    "Power doesn't corrupt; it merely attracts the corruptable"

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    Alien factions

    You can have even all seven factions as aliens, and they would be at war all times.

    About the caretakers and transcendence:

    About the options in faction editing: