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SMAC and WinXP

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  • SMAC and WinXP

    I am trying to install my AC on to this computor and it keeps locking up (The install program) I have DL the patches for XP but still no luck.
    Any Ideas of what the problem is?
    Any help will be appreciated

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    From the FAQ:

    Q: I can't install SMAC on a PC running Windows XP. Setup.exe hangs when I try to do so. Can I fix this problem?

    A: Try running the XP Program Compatibility Wizard on Setup.exe or run setup.exe in Windows 98/Me Compatability mode. See the following link for instructions on how to do so:

    If that doesn't help, look for other threads in this forum related to installation problems, or post here again. Good luck!
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      I have tried all those things, compatability wizard, have the patch, but it does me no good because I can NOT
      install the game. My CD is good.


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        i use this, to sim win98 and run the game in that,or port it over as only the install needs win98(mine anyway). it might be a tad bit pricy but im sure you can find a good deal somewhere

        personally, smac wouldnt install becasue the install code wasnt compatiable with my winxp and it just didnt run(the installer)
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