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Levitating land transports

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  • Levitating land transports

    Recently I've been playing on this mod I made, and with this modded alpha.txt file land troop transports become very important. Anyways, I went to move a land troop transport onto a ship transport (I wanted to move the land transport over to another continent) and a very strange thing happened. The land troop transport moved onto the tile of the ship transport, as if the land troop transport was boarding the ship transport (it was even displaying the letter "L"). But then I went to move the ship transport, and the troop transport didn't come along. Instead, it just stayed there in the ocean, seemingly levitating above the water. I found that the only way to move a land troop transport to another continent was to move the ship transport one tile in the direction you want to go, then have the land transport "board" the ship transport, then move the ship transport next turn, and repeat. Doing this I was able to create a very odd sight to see (sorry about the colors):
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    Yeah i've heard about this bug, it lets you actually create a bridge of transports lol
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