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Apolytoner's Hall of Fame: June 2005

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  • Apolytoner's Hall of Fame: June 2005

    4th Post down from here contains VOTING RESULTS!

    Hello and welcome to another edition of the Apolytoners Hall of Fame!

    What is it?
    The Apolytoners Hall of Fame (HoF) is a list of people who contributed a lot to the community here on Apolyton. For example: Xin Yu was inducted in the HoF for his incredible strategy and MP contributions to the Civ2 section, yin26 for his fantastic work on 'The List' with suggestions for Civ3. Every member of the Hall of Fame has made great contributions to Apolyton and the Civilization community - these people and their accomplishments must be remembered by us all!

    If you don't recognize many names you probably haven't been here very long and/or hardly ever post outside this forum - in that case this HoF might be a good opportunity to learn something about them. That is why this Hall of Fame was created: to remember and learn.

    Periodically, we hold a vote for the Apolytoners who we think contribute the most to Apolyton, the ones who make Apolyton what it is. The winners shall be inducted in the Hall of Fame and their names will live forever in the annals of APOLYTON!

    The idea for the Hall of Fame was born in late 2000 as an outgrowth of the old Apolyton Army and Apolytoner of the Season Contests, seeking to honor the people of Apolyton in a more meaningful and structured way.

    The first edition was held in the Off Topic in December 2000 over a period of 3 days and is currently archived. The first election saw Markos and Dan, the owners and administrators of this site, and the first 10 posters inducted.

    Since then, the HoF vote has been held roughly 4 times a year with 11-14 total members being elected every year. Up until August 2002, the vote was held only in the Off Topic forum - from that time on it has been posted in other sections (first in Civ3, later also in SMAC, CtP1-MP, CtP2, etc).

    Special Thanks/Why we do certain things:
    Ming for archiving the first thread and helping manage the thread in its early days.
    As per suggestion by MOBIUS, the last vote's are carried onto the next votes.
    As per suggestion by Solver, all previous votes are carried onto the next votes.
    As per suggestion by Martin Guhman, December votes are extended till 6 days.
    As per suggestion by Locutus, introduction revised.
    December 2004 election's success means that future December elections be a minimum of 20 days long.
    MarkG for creating the CivGroup in February 2005.

    This edition
    Welcome to the July 2005 edition of the APOLYTONERS HALL OF FAME

    (3 Members to be inducted this session)
    (Only 10 total will be elected this year)
    You have approximately 15-20 days to vote [Until July 25th).

    Please vote today and elect some of your brethren to join the historic Hall; consisting of such hallowed names as Adam Smith, DanQ, MarkG, Giant Squid, St Leo, Ming, Snapcase, samson, Locutus, oedo, rah and more.

    So now is your chance to decide: who should be inducted in the HoF this time?

    Table of Contents
    I Introduction Post
    1) What is it
    2) History
    3) This Edition
    4) Table of Contents
    5) Notice

    II Rules Post
    1) Rules for voting
    2) Amendments
    a) Purgings
    b) Posthumous Inductions
    3) FAQ

    III Hall Posting
    1) Hall of Fame Members
    2) Alphabetical member list
    3) Chronological member list (by date of induction)
    4) Chronological member list (by registration date)
    5) Information about the Hall of Famers

    IV Current Voting
    1) Current Standings
    2) Who voted for Whom

    POST 2

    1) Rules for voting

    Everyone can vote for 3 posters

    Registered In/Before 1999- 4 points per vote
    Registered In 2000- 4 points per vote
    Registered In 2001- 3 point per vote
    Registered In 2002- 3 points per vote
    Registered In 2003- 2 point per vote
    Registered In 2004- 2 point per vote
    Registered In 2005- 1 point per vote

    -You may not vote for yourself.
    -All .frivolous・ votes are thrown out.
    -Giving your vote to someone merely because they ask is considered a frivolous vote.

    No vote changing once you have voted for someone; unless you accidentally voted for someone already in the hall.

    You may only vote once in the hall of fame (for 3 people) IF you try to vote more than once ALL of your votes will be made void.

    Time Limit for voting is: 15-20 Days for this time.

    2) Amendments

    a) Purgings

    Members will be purged from the voting rolls if they received 0 new votes in the month of election. This allows the hall to keep up-to-date, and keeps it from having to reset completely every month. Thus, the hall worthy posters will continue to gather votes day in and day out because their contributions to Apolyton are timeless.

    b) Posthumous Inductions

    In the regrettable case where a popular member has perished, the Hall of Fame has the ability to posthumously induct him/her into the hall based upon popular opinion. The first class of posthumous inductees (December 2003) included such forum greats as Tazidude, Scouse Gits(2), and faded glory.

    3) FAQ:

    Trust me, an on-topicer will never win :

    What about Xin Yu? What about Velociryx? Both good posters who are currently in the hall!
    And if you think that being interviewed by Solver is a prerequisite for an on-topicer getting into the hall- then I had best remind you of the election of Paul!

    And remember, many of these .mostly-OT posters・ used to be huge on-topic posters back around 1998-99! Ming for example, Giant Squid for another!


    The Hall of Fame is based on whoever people vote for, and as Lazarus and the Gimp stated so eloquently: :"The compilers of this list cannot rule out the possibility of inductees being a bunch of utter ****s" Thus. Please. Don・t shoot the messenger.

    Where is the Hall of Fame usually posted?

    From December 2000 to August 2002, the Hall of Fame had only been posted in the Off Topic forums; with occasional forays into the Apolyton/Community section. However, nowadays you can find the Apolytoners hall of fame in the OT (main) Civ III (main) and with satellite threads that link into the hall of fame in the following sections: CTP II MP, AC-General, Alt.Civ section-Clash of Civilizations (b/c it has 2nd most posts in alt.civ), Civ III DemoGame sections.

    Also, the Hall of Fame is currently lobbying to become a news item.

    ;How long is voting?;

    Voting will continue for roughly 15-20 days.

    In December; voting will be 20 days unless the corollary act is enacted and voting is done during Christmas time; in that case voting will be extended to 30 days in order to accommodate all traveling voters)

    Why Do People who received no votes last time expire ?

    Their votes expire and they are zeroed and kicked off the list because they were not found to be interesting at the time of the last vote or two. This is done so as to keep the hall clearK

    This new process certainly keeps the hall current (a la Major League Baseball・s Hall of Fame)

    I was recommended not to carry over votes at all, but will continue that tradition, because we don・t merely want :flavor of the month; posters elected. The persons who should be elected to the hall should have contributed to the site over a long period of time.
    -->Visit CGN!
    -->"Production! More Production! Production creates Wealth! Production creates more Jobs!"-Wendell Willkie -1944

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    1) Hall of Fame Members

    Apolytoners hall of fame Members -67

    December 2001 Adam Smith
    December 2000 Alexander's Horse [The Apolyton Troll]
    September 2004 alexman
    December 2002 Asher
    December 2003 Boris Godunov
    March 2001 Boshko (AKA Zhu Yuanzhang, Dave Boshko)
    December 2001 chegitz guevara
    August 2002 Chris 62
    December 2000 DanQ
    December 2003 DanS
    May 2003 DinoDoc
    March 2002 Ecthelion
    Spetember 2004 El Awrence
    March 2001 *End is Forever* (AKA Iain Lindley)
    June 2001 EVC (AKA Evan VonChristof) [The Apolyton Daffy Duck] (Now present as Thorn)
    December 2003 faded glory (AKA Saddam)
    December 2004 Googlie
    December 2004 Kramsib
    December 2002 KrazyHorse (AKA Frogger)
    December 2000 Giant Squid (AKA Celestion the God, Alexander the Great) [The Apolyton DL]
    January 2001 Imran Siddiqui [ACS News Coordinator]
    December 2003 Ixnay
    March 2002 Jay Bee
    March 2004 JohnT
    March 2001 Lancer
    March 2001 Lazarus and the Gimp (AKA: Ron Jeremy, Bugs ****ing Bunny, Trappist)
    January 2003 Locutus
    December 2000 Mao
    December 2000 MarkG
    December 2000 MichaeltheGreat [Another OT Moderator]
    December 2000 MikeH
    December 2000 Ming [The OT Moderator]
    June 2001 Monk
    December 2003 notyoueither
    December 2003 oedo
    January 2003 orange
    June 2002 paiktis22
    May 2003 Paul
    December 2000 Provost Harrison (AKA AI)
    March 2002 rah [Yet another OT moderator]
    December 2001 Ramo
    December 2003 Reismark
    December 2000 Roland
    December 2004 Samson
    March 2004 Scouse Gits
    December 2003 Scouse Gits (2)
    August 2002 Sirotnikov
    December 2002 Slowwhand
    December 2001 Snapcase
    June 2001 SnowFire
    September 2004 Solo
    September 2004 Spiffor
    June 2001 Starchild
    June 2001 Stefu
    January 2001 Stewart Spink
    December 2000 St Leo
    June 2001 SuperSneak
    December 2003Tazidude
    June 2002 TCO (AKA GP)
    May 2003 Trip
    December 2003 UnOrthOdOx
    March 2004 War4Ever
    December 2001 Wraith
    March 2002 Velociryx
    March 2002 yin26
    December 2000 Yo_Yo_Yo_Hey
    June 2002 Xin Yu
    May 2003 Zylka


    2) No Dates; Alphabetically:
    Adam Smith
    Alexander's Horse
    Boris Godunox
    chegitz guevara
    Chris 62
    El Awrence
    *End is Forever*
    faded glory
    Giant Squid
    Imran Siddiqui
    Jay Bee
    Lazarus and the Gimp
    Michael the Great
    Provost Harrison
    Scouse Gits
    Scouse Gits(2)
    Stewart Spink
    St Leo
    Xin Yu


    3) Chronologically
    MarkG Automatic Inductee
    DanQ Automatic Inductee
    Ming December 2000
    MikeH December 2000
    MichaeltheGreat December 2000
    Mao December 2000
    Alexander's Horse December 2000
    Giant_Squid December 2000
    Provost Harrison December 2000
    Roland December 2000
    Yo_Yo_Yo_Hey December 2000
    St. Leo December 2000
    Imran Siddiqui January 2001
    Stewart Spink January 2001
    Lancer March 2001
    Ron Jeremy/Lazarus and the Gimp March 2001
    *End is Forever*March 2001
    Boshko March 2001
    EVC/Thorn June 2001
    Monk June 2001
    Snowfire June 2001
    Starchild June 2001
    SuperSneak June 2001
    Stefu June 2001
    Adam Smith December 2001
    chegitz guevara December 2001
    Ramo December 2001
    Snapcase December 2001
    Wraith December 2001
    rah March 2002
    yin26 March 2002
    Ecthelion March 2002
    Jay Bee March 2002
    Velociryx March 2002
    Xin Yu June 2002
    TCO/GP June 2002
    paiktis22 June 2002
    Chris 62 August 2002
    Sirotnikov August 2002
    KrazyHorse December 2002
    Asher December 2002
    Slowwhand December 2002
    orange January 2003
    Locutus January 2003
    Trip May 2003
    Paul May 2003
    DinoDoc May 2003
    Zylka May 2003
    Tazidude Posthumous Inductee
    faded glory Posthumous Inductee
    Scouse Gits(2) Posthumous Inductee
    oedo December 2003
    Boris Godunov December 2003
    ixnay December 2003
    Reismark December 2003
    UnOrthOdOx December 2003
    DanS December 2003
    notyoueither December 2003
    JohnT March 2004
    Scouse Gits March 2004
    War4Ever March 2004
    El Awrence September 2004
    Spiffor September 2004
    Solo September 2004
    Alexman September 2004
    Samson December 2004
    Googlie December 2004
    Kramsib December 2004


    4) Sorted by Year Registered

    1998 (27)
    Imran Siddiqui
    *End is Forever*
    Jay Bee
    St. Leo
    Xin Yu
    Adam Smith
    Lazarus and the Gimp
    Stewart Spink

    1999 (20)
    JohnT (Mar 1999)
    Paul (Mar 1999)
    Velociryx (April 1999)
    Lancer (April 1999)
    yin26 (April 1999)
    Googlie (April 1999)
    MikeH (May 1999)
    Mao (June 1999)
    Wraith (Aug 1999)
    DinoDoc (sept 1999)
    Slowwhand (Sept 1999)
    El Awrence (Sept 1999)
    Ramo (Oct 1999)
    Asher (Nov 1999)
    Locutus (Nov 1999)
    Scouse Gits (Nov 1999)
    Tazidude (?)
    EVC/Thorn (1999)

    2000 (9)
    Provost Harrison (Feb 2000)
    oedo (Feb 2000)
    Sirotnikov (Feb 2000)
    orange (Feb 2000)
    Ecthelion (Mar 2000)
    Zylka (May 2000)
    chegitz guevara (june 2000)
    SuperSneak (June 2000)
    paiktis22 (Oct 2000)

    2001 (9)
    Chris 62 (jan 2001)
    Solo (jan 2001)
    faded glory (Jan 2001)
    samson (April 2001)
    Frogger/Krazy Horse (may 2001)
    Boris Godunov (aug 2001)
    notyoueither (aug 2001)
    Kramsib (Sept 2001)
    Spiffor (?)

    2002 (2)
    Trip (april 2002)
    UnOrthOdOx (June 2002)

    5) Information About the Hall of Famers
    Information Courtesy: The Apolyton 100

    MarkG - Founder of the site and maintainer. He has created numerous scripts for the site; uploaded data and dealt with troubles, all the while still finding the time to post in the Civ II sections and play Civ. A true legend.
    DanQ - Founder of the site and maintainer. He has created numerous scripts for the site; uploaded data and dealt with troubles, all the while still finding the time to post in the Civ II sections and play Civ. A true legend. Check out his Faces of Apolyton Interview Here.
    Ming - OT moderator. Benevolent and kind. Civ II Mper and Civ II poster. He keeps order on the site and posts a lot in the OT. Check out his Faces of Apolyton Interview Here.
    MikeH - AC-Player; now best known for his Off-topic postings. He now resides at CounterGlow.
    MichaeltheGreat - Off topic moderator. Civ II player.
    Mao - OT poster, he also posted in the Civ II sections until Aug 2000 when he faded from the forums
    EVC - Humorous. Slightly offensive. Well-known for micronationalism; crazed antics. OT regular until his permabanning
    Giant Squid - Old Mod-Maker for Civ II and poster on the forums since almost their inception. Best known for Apolyton Micronationalism.
    Provost Harrison - AC poster, OT poster, ubiquitious poster. Provost is best known for his off-topic exploits.
    Roland - Apolyton economist and financial wizard
    Yo_Yo_Yo_Hey - Co-Founded of The Alpha Centauri Nexus (more popular than ACN's SMAC section at the game's peak).
    St. Leo - Currently hangs out and promotes the Scenario League. He used to be one of the more important Civ II posters.
    Imran Siddiqui- For a time, he was the ACS News Editor. He was a heavy poster back in the old days. Civ II poster. Civ III-ideas poster and contributor to The List Now he generally hangs out in the Off-Topic and runs the Fantasy Baseball League. He enjoyed the old Story-Threads and contributed to many of them.
    Stewart Spink - Humor. Spam. OT. Discussions. He was an Apolyton staff member at one time. He maintained the Civ II Top Ten Scoring list and some other things. He also had his own Civ II site.
    Lancer - Well known for his charitable Karen Mills threads about the family in the Phillipines and the Apolyton House. He is also well known for his many invaluable Civ II contribuitions. He also created the Apolytoner of the Season contests. See his Faces of Apolyton Interview HERE
    Ron Jeremy- Humorous/Cynical Apolytoner. An old Civ II-er, he now hangs out in the OT.
    *End is Forever* - Very interested in music. OT-er.
    Boshko- OT-er. Big in political threads
    Monk - OT-er.
    "Monk is a Dane who comes from Denmark. His name isn't Rasmussen, which means he can't become the prime minister, but he can still become an astronaut, a lion tamer or otherwise famed for his cocksmanship. He has posted in Apolyton for a very very very very very long time but hasn't yet died or been severely incapacitated, and can gallop merrily through voluminous fields of sunflowers. I once had a Monk in my left big toe, but it slowly got better. In conclusion, the world isn't usually harmed by his presence, and this essay has 100 words now." -Contribuited by Stefu

    Snowfire - Great contribuiter to The List for Civ III One of the threadmasters for the Civ III list.
    Stefu - STEFU! Finnish OT-er! Very humorous. Check out his Faces of Apolyton Interview Here.
    Adam Smith - Financial wizard. Economist. Used to be big in the Civ II sections; he now solicits financial advice in the OT.
    chegitz guevara - Communist You guessed it Thebens brother. Currently lives in Florida. Well known for his remarkably Left-wing viewpoints.
    Ramo - Another Libertarian/Anarchist. Yet Another Texan named Omar. Off-Topic debator.
    Snapcase - Hacker, OT-er, and in charge of the Apolyton News.
    Wraith - Social Libertarian. OT-er. Anime fan. MORE INFORMATION NEEDED
    rah - Major Civ II Mper, brother of Ming and current moderator of the OT. He also posts in the Civ II general section.
    yin26- - South Korean master of THE LIST for Civ III! Yin26 used to be moderator of the Civ III section until he decided that he didnt like Civ III And for all newbies- you can relate his vitriolic statements about Alpha Centauri to Coracles whining about Civ III! However, returning to the more important information: yin 26s listmastering tasks are not to be underestimated- he sorted thorough THOUSANDS of posts to find the best to submit to Firaxis in that huge 200 to 400-or-so page sacred document that is: THE LIST.
    Ecthelion- - Deutsche-Spam. Prominent OT-er known for his humor. Formerly known as Andz83 and ChaosWarrior, Ecthelion originally posted in the Civilization II section. History happens to be one of his favorite topics.
    Jay Bee- - Current moderator of the Spanish Civilization II section of the Forums. He is also the genial head of the Spanish Civilization II Site; an excellent site with many varied Spanish-setting scenarios. Jay Bee has been with Apolyton almost since its inception, being one of the first 4 people to register on the forums; right behind the venerable MarkG, DanQ and DarthVeda.
    Velociryx - Current head of the Candlebre project, a project centered around creating a free 4x and massively multiplayer game a la Trade Empires. Vel is also the published author of a recently (July 2002) released Mystery. He also published a strategy guide for Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri and Alien Crossfire. He is a former AC-Fiction author and frequent AC-contributor. He was nce voted Apolytoner of the Season for the entire site. More information can be found in the Faces of Apolyon Interview by Solver
    Xin Yu - Civ II strategy master and MPer. More information can be found in his Faces of Apolyon Interview by Solver
    GP/TCO- Best known for his proponency of the Branching Thread format; GP is a former Navy Crewman who happens to be a frequent debater and frequenter of the Apolyton Off-Topic; he has also, in the past, visited the Civ II section, giving hints and advice. Currently (as of Nov 2002) he is under one of his asked for bans-from-Apolyton so that he is not tempted to post
    paiktis22- PLEASE CONTRIBUTE INFORMATION; Apolyton OT-er and former Civ III-ideas and Civ II regular.
    Chris62 - He frequents the Spanish Civilization II, Scenario League, OT, General, Multiplayer website forums.
    Sirotnikov Humorous. Defends Israel in the OT (since he lives in Israel). Mostly known for his OT work, although he does make some forays into the Civ-community
    KrazyHorse/Frogger Large OT poster and debater... and sometimes poster in the Civ II sections
    Asher Prominent and loyal Oter
    Slowwhand OT and Civ II poster and Multiplayer.
    Locutus CTP/CTP2 Ladder/MP, modmaking and CTP/CTP2 moderatorialship fame. Check out his Faces of Apolyton interview>Here.
    orange The poster of Apolyton Yearbook fame! A valued OTer and former civ II and CivIII-civilizations section poster!
    Trip An honorable Demogamer, and the starter of the Civ III Demo-Game... as well as a major player in the Civ III PTW demogames and the ISDG... Trip embodies all things demogame. He also had some of the most popular Civ III scenarios; Civil War and Napoleoanic Wars.
    DinoDoc Conservative debater in the OT. High Profile Poster. Been around and contribuited for a long time.
    Paul CTP modder and designer as well as MPer. OCC God, he created many strategies for it. Paul is also the organizer of various football prediction leagues in the OT. A long staple of the community
    Zylka One of those loveable OT-spammers/debators/flamers. The OT always loves their entertainiment. and entertainment is important in keeping users interested in the forums. Therefore, he deserves his position here.
    old time Civ player who was a very active member of this site, and one of original Civ II PM players also be included.
    Reismark Founder of the Hodadian Award Central, gifting awards to the best Civ-Sites on the Net and the best Civ II scenarios around! He also runs the Apolyton Fantasy Football Challenge and several other contests in the OT.
    oedo Discoverer of the oedo years, the discovery that the period of disorder in Civ 2 for revolutions follows a pattern, and by knowing this pattern, you know when to revolt to eliminate the period of anarchy oedo is well known and respected in the Civ II-Strategy community for this discovery that taught those of us who thought we knew civ that there was more to it than we thought we knew.
    ixnay Humorous poster; Participant in the Civ II Democracy Game, hes a real whiz with photoshop and graphics; and happens to be the Rise of Nations content editor... and is an Apolyton Staff member.
    Boris Godunov Friendly OT debater. Much loved.
    UnOrthOdOx For his work on the "Jungle Gazette" and other Democracy game publications... as well as his work on the democracy games themselves.
    DanS OT Poster and debater. Armchair Economist.
    notyoueither Civ III Democracy Gamer and consul in the Intersite Democracy Game. He is also involved in the Civ III multiplayer tourney ladder and can be seen in the Off-Topic as well as a multitude of other places on the Apolyton Civilization Site.
    JohnT Former Apolyton Librarian, starter and keeper of the Apolyton SciFi book reading club, volumnious OT contribuitor, and former Civ II poster
    Scouse Gits Co-founder of the Great Library project for civ II, Civ II strategist, Civ II poster
    War4Ever Civ II MP-Player and occasional OT Poster, and Civ II poster
    El Awrence Formerly known as Hodad, this Spanish Section Apolytoner was quite active in all of the Civ II sections and contributior to the Diplomacy games forum. He also frequented the OT in 2000 and provided fun in debates and other activities therein. He was also one of the founding members of the Spanish Civilization Forum. In recent years he has been most active in that section.
    Spiffor Civ3 player and all round nice OT Regular. Also French... and you know how hard it is to find a respectable Frenchman...
    Solo Solo has long been active in CivII strategy forum and is the author of the Early Landing Strategy Guide. In addition to that, he discovered 16 turn city cycles governing automatic changes in city commodity supply and demand lists, and discovered numerous techniques to manipulate city commodity supply and demand, along with other strategic contributions to the Civ II community.
    alexman Renowned for his excellent civ III contributions, Alexman is generally considered a strategic Guru due to his essential formulae and his tireless work in the Apolyton University including helping develop the Apolyton University Mod. He is also quite active in Civ III PBEM and created the CTP utility EasyMod
    Samson Quality Great Library Contribuitor for Civ II and well-known civ II strategy researcher.
    Samson quickly became the premier researcher in the Civ II community and authored numerous definitive studies on almost every aspect of the game. In particular, the depth of insight he displayed by his key civ discovery and his unravelling of how commodity lists are determined was, to put it simply, just amazing. Having set numerous records in a wide range of single player games, he was considered by most to be the best player, too. -Writeup partially in thanks to solo.
    Kramsib His greatest works have been carried out in the Spanish Comunity. He is the "Father and Protector" of Progressive Games, an amazing tournament for civers to play without multiplayer mode.
    Here is an example of a Progressive Game: He also created a Graphics Mod and a Combat mod for Civ III and is working on developing game-model theories based on Civ III's Corruption and Value theories.
    Googlie A well-known co-author of the epic Spartan Chronicles for AC, AC-fiction in general, and expert AC Diplomacy gamer, Googlie helped set up the 12-game Forum Wars series of a couple of years ago between Apolyton, ACOL and Civgaming as well as a couple of dozen individual game challenges.
    His love affair with SMAC goes back to old OWO forums and the demo release days when a bunch of us hacked the HEX editor to squeeze more than the 100 turns from that old demo version.

    Posthumous Induction
    Obituary Courtesy Ming
    Tazidude was a very active member of this site, and one of original Civ II MP players.
    He fought a long battle with cancer and passed away in January of 2000. While suffering with his illness, he used Civ II MP as an escape and a distraction. Even with death looking him right in the face, he continued to post and play... He was a friend to many... a great competitor... and it was truly sad when he finally had to leave the community because the pain got to be too much.
    d. january 2000

    Scouse Gits(2)
    Posthumous Induction
    Obituary Courtesy La Fayette
    Scouse Gits(2), or Ivor Wason was primarily a Civ II MP gamer who succumbed to cancer in 2003. He was much loved and well-regarded in the Civ II community.

    I would like to say a few words about what Ivor brought us, because he was not only a witty writer and a very strong strategist, but also one of those who gave most to the community, much more than the smiling daily 'robust constructive criticism' that all of us will remember:
    -Co-author of the most thorough study about starting techs (more than 5000 starts)
    -Co-creator of Apolyton's Great Library
    -'Very early lander', especially on big maps (samson and solo had almost specialized into small maps, when Ivor advised solo to have a look at some of his saves on bigger maps, and that was the starting point of solo's strategy guide)
    d. september 2003

    faded glory
    Posthumous Induction
    Obituary Courtesy Keygen
    I remember him when he joined his first CtP PBEM game. He was a good and faithfull ally to the end and I had good time playing with him.

    He was a very social, stuborn and eccentric person but he had a great heart as well.
    d. october 2003

    NOTE: You may vote here, but the full voting results will only be guaranteed to be published in the following thread:
    Have a good time!
    -->Visit CGN!
    -->"Production! More Production! Production creates Wealth! Production creates more Jobs!"-Wendell Willkie -1944


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      1) Current Standings (The Previous Votes add-ins are in brackets) a
      These are all the people who made the last List, but were not elected.
      (129 posters in the election)

      1. DarkCloud- {26} [30] (37) (54)147
      2. Ted Striker- (19) (38) (83)139
      3. Immortal Wombat- [37] (21) (23) ( 40)121

      Master Zen- [26] (20) (36) (33) 4118
      Berzerker- [7] (23) (43) (41)114

      Yaroslav- [27] (18) (13) (52)112

      Theseus- [12] (25) (35) (33)105

      Dr Strangelove- [18] (14) (20)(52)---104

      Jasev- [31] (16) (16) (42)105

      10. Harlan- [27] (19) (13) (41)--- 100
      Paddy the Scot- (25) (33) (42)---100

      WesW- [16] (30) (24) (23)--93

      Fez/Giancarlo- [12] (29) (18)(17)-- 87

      loinburger- [4] (18) (22)(38)---82

      La Fayette- [4] (13) (30) (30)--77

      Skanky Burns-[15] (17) (23) (20)76
      OzzyKP- [9] (19) (18) (30)----76

      Dr Spike- [13] (7) (20) (29)69

      Dominae- [4] (19) (27) (15)67

      Kassiopeia- [10] (10) (17) (25)---62

      Jamski- [9] (16) (20) (14)---59
      Pekka- [3] (10) (16) (30) ---59

      Alinestra Covelia [14] (10) (14)(18)---56

      Togas- [16] (20) (11)(5)---52

      MLeonard- -----[14] (10) (15)(10)---49
      korn469- ---- [11] (16) (9) (9) 449

      Mr. Ogre- [36] (6) (3) (3)---48
      Urban Ranger- [29] (6) (6) (3) 4---48

      Malevolent Light- [8] (14) (17)( 8)47

      Hexagonian- [5] (6) (20) (14)---45

      Molly Bloom- [12] (2) (14) (16)---44
      Sagacious Dolphin/Big Crunch/Dauphin- [19] (11) (9) (4)44
      MrWhereItsAt- [14] (16) (4) (10)---44

      Ogie Oglethorpe- [6] (7) (15) (15)---42

      MrFun- [7] (11) (10) (13)---41
      deity- [10] (8) (7) (16)--41

      vmxa1---[3] (12) (8)(16)39

      Techumseh- [11] (4) (8) (15)---38
      Beta- [14] (3) (10) (11)---38

      Zeus_of_Olimpos- [4] (25) (4) (4)---37
      SlowThinker-(9) (6) (22)---37
      Tiamat- (14) (13) (10)---37

      Darsnan- (5) (31)---36

      Shi Huangdi- [10] (13) (10)( 2)---35

      Arrian [4] (12) (8) (10)---34

      Solver- (13) (8) (12)---33
      Oerdin- [9] (3) (8) (13)--33

      Azazel (Dalgetti)- [6] (12) (10) (3)---31
      Sn00py- [10] (6) (7) (8)---31

      vondrack- [3] (10) (2) (15)--30

      Mercator- (8) (20)--28
      Snowflake/HongHu- [1] (3) (13) (11)---28

      Lefty Scaevola- (11) (4) (12)---27
      Agathon---[3] (4) (11) (9)--27

      Wittlich- [6] (14) (3) (3)---26
      GePap- [6] (2) (10) (8)---26

      ChrisiusMaximus- [3] (10) (9) (3)---25

      Comrade Tassadar- [4] (10) (5) (5)---24
      Aeson- [2] (3) (3) (16)24
      cavebear- [10] (8) (2) (4)24

      DaveV- (22)

      Dissident- (11) (10)--21

      CivNation (AKA DefensorFidei)- [8] (4) (4)(4)---20
      Drake Tungsten- (12) (8)--20

      Rommel2D- (12) (6)---18

      fairline- (8) (10)---17

      Post Count Zero- [4] (4) (4)(4)---16
      PLATO- [3] (7) (3) (3)16
      Ned- (10) (6)---16

      SKILORD- [3] (8) (2)(2)---15

      Ljube-Ljcvetko- (7) (7)---14
      Kaak- [6] (1) (4) (3)---14

      Theben- (7) (6)---13
      finbar- [3] (2) (3) (5)13
      Ari Rahikkala- (3) (10)---13
      David Floyd- (13)
      Buster- (3) (10)---13

      Aqualung71- (7) (5)---12
      mindseye- (2) (3) (7)---12
      Sikander- (12)
      Drogue- [4] (2) (4) (2)---12
      Hydro- (5) (7)---12

      curtsibling- (4) (7)---11
      Exile- (6) (5)---11

      joncha- (2) (3) (5)10
      Makeo- (3) (7)---10
      Kody- [1] (3) (4) (2)10

      Bongo- (3) (3) (3)----9
      DeepO- (2) (7)--9
      GeoModder- (4) (5)---9

      alva- (4) (2) (2)---8
      Blake- (4) (4)---8
      Flubber- (8)
      Niessuh- (2) (2)(4)8

      Jaguar- (2) (3) (2)---7
      nbarclay- (4) (3)---7
      Heresson- (2) (5)7

      Rasbelin- (2) (4)--6
      100. Ben Kenobi- (2) (4)--6
      Wigalf- (3) (3)6
      Whaleboy- (3) (3)--6
      Adaigo- (3) (3)---6
      Guynemer- (4) (2)---6
      Japher- (6)
      Harry Tuttle-(6)
      Kuciwalker- (6)

      Martin Ghmann- (3)(2)--5
      Serb- (3) (2)---5

      UberKrux- (4)
      shawnmcb- (4)

      Sparrowhawk- (3)
      Tau Ceti- (3)
      Kidicious- (3)
      Sava- (3)
      ancyrean- (3)
      Duke o'york- (3)

      Method- (2)
      Cort Haus- (2)
      Wernazuma III- (2)
      J Bytheway- (2)
      Peter Triggs- (2)
      Fromafar- (2)
      GodKing- (2)
      Rhothaerill- (2)

      2) Who voted for Whom
      (over xxx posters have voted)

      DarkCloud voted for: korn469 (4), Master Zen (4), Urban Ranger (4)

      *Registered 1999
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        Let me be the first to vote here then.

        Googlie, Darsnan and Buster.
        He who knows others is wise.
        He who knows himself is enlightened.
        -- Lao Tsu

        SMAC(X) Marsscenario


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          Originally posted by GeoModder
          Let me be the first to vote here then.

          Googlie, Darsnan and Buster.
          Have you forgotten something?
          I have to think about my three votes but I recommend voting for Hydro. He certainly deserved it.
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          The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. --G.B.Shaw


          • #6
            Geomodder- Googlie's already in
            I'll also suggest the other immortal ac-fictionieer, hydro, as Iluminatus has bespake, but your decision is your own
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              Please read this before posting your vote.
              -- What history has taught us is that people do not learn from history.
              -- Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.


              • #8
                Checking the rules... ok, it seems I can put another vote instead of Googlie.

                Thought that, if someone else gets more votes, the one with less would be kicked out.
                He who knows others is wise.
                He who knows himself is enlightened.
                -- Lao Tsu

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                  Thought that, if someone else gets more votes, the one with less would be kicked out.
                  What made you think that?
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                  • #10
                    My votes go to:
                    • Darsnan, for his innovative work in .txt tweaks, units' design and CMN challenges
                    • Hydro, my soulmate and oftimes inspiration from the Chronicles
                    • Alinestra Covelia, for some of the best SMAC fiction written
                    [with apologies to all the other worthies - I promise you'll get my vote next go-round)


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                      Originally posted by DarkCloud
                      What made you think that?
                      It was just an assumption, I never throughly read the rules.
                      He who knows others is wise.
                      He who knows himself is enlightened.
                      -- Lao Tsu

                      SMAC(X) Marsscenario


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                        If you want to kiss the sky/Better learn how to kneel/On your knees boy - U2, Mysterious Ways



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                          Veni Vidi Castravi Illegitimos


                          • #14
                            Hydro, Darsnan for now (2). Still thinking about the third vote.
                            SMAC/X FAQ | Chiron Archives
                            The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. --G.B.Shaw


                            • #15
                              t was just an assumption, I never throughly read the rules.
                              Well, they are pretty long, so that's excusable.

                              On another note: I'll try to get an update to the voting results either later today or by tommorrow. (the update'll be posted in the OT thread for certain and maybe in other places as well, provided I have time. )
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