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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Mr Mayor... An old member, but inactive for so long that I feel I should take advantage of this thread and possibly meet some old acquaintances. I'm 21 years old, civ fan since the days of Civ 1 on the SNES. Joined the forum in 2002 at the ripe age of 13, and mostly hung around the democracy game thread trying to convince the bigwigs to add mayors to the demo-game. I wanted to control city production :P.
    Anyway. The release of Civ 5 has brought me out of the shadows and into a dark sea of discontent. The drones in my computer are angry… and I spoke about it on the steam forums, but then remembered my old home. Hoping Civ 5 has another democracy game in store for the forums, and I look forward to seeing what the modding community comes up with. Those guys will become heroes in short order… from what I gather on the general sentiment re Civ 5, there is a lot of work to do. And I’m pleased to offer my two cents … Glad to be back on Apolyton.

    Edit: P.S rofl at my signature... 13 year old me was pretty funny... learn to spell kid.
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      Hi folks!

      I found this forum back in 06, it took me about 5 years to register. I would have registered much earlier, but didn't care because the site works so slow for me. I registered now just to be able to search, I'm afraid I won't be an active poster as long as the site is so slow. Maybe it's not actually the site itself that is slow, it is the javascripts that are too heavy for my CPU. My pc can run Civ3 easily, but not this website....

      I was a seasoned gamer when I began playing Civ on Amiga, so I've been around a while. I play CTP, Civ2 and Civ3 on PC.

      Nice to meet you.


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        Greetings from Wichita, Kansas!

        Hi guys.

        I'm a relative n00b to the Sid Meier's Civ series; jumped into it w/ Civ4 in early '08. I have a great deal of respect for you veterans.

        I could keep spamming this thread with further boring details of my existence, but I don't wanna miss DanQ & Co. when they go live, today (PolyCast).

        Cheers! Click image for larger version

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          Greetings from Portsmouth, UK.

          My name is Dave, been married for 18 years, no children (they would only want to use my PC when I want to play on it). By day I am a Technical Lead for an IT company, mainly involved in systems architecture.

          I have been playing Civ since Civ 1 and have played all versions except Civ 3. For many years I was a casual solo player, but over the last two years I was heavily into Civ 4 BtS multi-player, and now doing my best to enjoy Civ 5 solo and MP (when the crashes and bugs don't get me down too much).

          I have always been an average player, but have finally joined a community on the hope that I can learn more and hopefully elevate my own game a little.


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            Greetings from Virginia, USA!

            My name's J. R.; I'm a 28-year-old ex-military man, finishing up my university education. I've never been big into the Civilization series, but I've owned an old copy of SMAC/SMAX since my high school days. I borrowed it from a friend at the boarding school I attended and ended up not returning it to him — quite accidentally, mind you — and it's been floating around in my belongings ever since. I tried it once about five years ago, but the rules are complex, and at the time, I wasn't prepared to invest that kind of effort into a game.

            Well, late this past Friday evening I read the manuals front to back, checked some FAQs and guides on the Internet, started playing, and lost my entire weekend to SMACX. I neglected to eat, I put off chores, I failed to make some phone calls I'd planned, I even (and this is very rare for me these days) neglected to shower Sunday morning!

            Now that's one Hell of a computer game. They don't make 'em like this anymore. I always knew SMACX was an all-time classic, but I didn't know just how much so until this weekend. I haven't been sucked into a game so thoroughly in years.


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              Hello from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

              I am a fan of the civilization series back from 1993, when I discovered Civilization I. I originally found this site on 1996, when it was called The Ultimate Civilization Site. Later on, on 2001, I regitered in the Apolyton forums with the nickname "iatus". Sadly, my account was disactivated, I think because of lack of activity. But nevertheless, I frequently followed the discussions here, especially in the "Off Topic" forum.

              See Ya.


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                Greetings from New York! Looking forward to talking all things Civ with you guys!


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                  Please to meet you.... we all like to talk about our favorite kind game!
                  Civilization is a game where man dominate a fictive world.. woman does it for real


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                    Hello all,

                    I was told this was a good place to learn about the game called Civilisation Four. I started playing not long ago and I really like the game. I am not very good at it. I hope I can learn more from people who have played a lot.

                    Gertrude xx


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                      Originally posted by Gertrude View Post
                      Hello all,

                      I was told this was a good place to learn about the game called Civilisation Four. I started playing not long ago and I really like the game. I am not very good at it. I hope I can learn more from people who have played a lot.

                      Gertrude xx
                      Welcome to our forum!

                      Well, there is a lot to learn at this place with Civ IV! there is something like border-slingshot.. try searching the forum for that. its a way to get a good start. It does not work at the higher levels. and the rules have changed as well (you also need mathematics)

                      I prefer to build pyramids asap, because it give you all the govt civics. I always use Representation because the nice 3 beakers for each specialist. later you can swich to police state if you goto war.. but have Representation at the earlier start of the game.. will sure help you to get more beakers (sience).

                      Important is the understanding of the food-growt system. Each citzen uses 2 food. There are 21 squares, so if your all on grasland, you get 42 food, what is just enough to get a size 20 city (all squares are worked then) So if you count how mutch food you have (a whole bread is 5) we build one farm for each food we miss from 42. so you if got let say 39 you need 3 farms.

                      Civ IV BTS is ideal for city specilization. you can find everyting you need to know on this forum about this. Basicaly we have production city's, sience citys, great persons farms, holy commerce city's, money making city's.....

                      Good luck on your quest to master Civ IV... when there is something that I write is not true, please somebody say so
                      Civilization is a game where man dominate a fictive world.. woman does it for real


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                        I'm Melinda, 29 yrs old.. I don't play CIV.. but my stupid son do. Oh well I guess I need to know what the game is all about so I would know how to stop his madness for the game.


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                          This is fanatic4k, I'm new to the forum. Nice to see you guys


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                            Hi everyone,
                            I'm Lauren. I'm 29 and love being a nerd!


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                              Hi, I'm new here. I'm a long time fan of the Civ games and have been looking at ways to up my skill and have been looking around various forums reading about how other players play. I figured I'd register and make a few posts while I was at it.

                              __________________________________________________ _____________

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                                I'm Vasili, I'm new here although I lurked CivFanatics for a while (Mainly for scenarios), I found this site, and the rest is obvious.