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  • Introduce Yourself!

    Hello and Welcome to the Apolyton Civilization Site!
    As suggested by alandandrew* we have opened an 'introduction thread'.
    New and old members can introduce themselves here (once!)

    Feel free to attach a picture, share who you are, how you came to Apolyton, what your interests are, what you do for a living and what you bring to the Forums.

    All non-introduction posts will be deleted.


    *It turned out that alandandrew is a (very clever) spambot. He's banned now but with the honourable mention that he's the first and most probably only spambot ever to contribute to Apolyton!
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    Let's start myself;

    My full name is Robert Martin Plomp
    I'm a 31 years old (1978) citizen of The Netherlands.
    Married to Nelleke (in 2002), two kids; Martin (2006) and Sophie (2008).
    We live in Delft, the city where all of us were born as well.

    I'm a Lotus Notes/Domino developer/consultant/project leader, Full Time Employed by Canon Europe in Amstelveen (The Netherlands).
    I used to work on a freelance base.

    I'm also studying Theology on a part-time base on the University of Utrecht since 2005.
    I'm a church (youth) elder in the PKN (protestant church of the Netherlands) and when my study will be finished one day I hope to become a preacher in this church.

    I've been civing since 1993 (civ1) and I've played all civ incarnations since then. I also own all of them (obviously).
    I visited the Ultimate Civ Site before it merged with the First Greek Civ Site into Apolyton, where I registrated almost immediately. (after the merger).

    Right now I'm deep into Civ4 Pitboss Diplomacy Games (see Civ4:MP section).
    We play these 1 - 2 turns a day games where we roleplay our nations into insanity.
    I host and administrate these games, which is a lot of fun eventhough we had some (usual) not-so-diplomatic encounters as well. (though things are better now we have learned a bit how to deal with this kinda stuff).

    In April 2009 Jeroen Schweitzer (a friend and ex-colleague) and me took Apolyton over from DanQ, Ming, rah and Locutus. Since then we're making all these plans and ideas for the future of Apolyton. Unfortunately things are far more complicated then we expected and not much has become visible since then.

    I'm looking forward to civ network, I'm curious how Sid will pull it off!
    Most of all I'm looking forward to civ5, but if civnetwork in some or another way will be a worthy civ4 sequel then I'll be glad! Who knows what Civ Network will do for our small diplogame community? And most of all: for Apolyton!
    Formerly known as "CyberShy"
    Carpe Diem tamen Memento Mori


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      Sloww Hand
      Dallas, Texas
      One daughter named Summer and one grandson named Tommy.
      I started with Civ 1, loved Civ II MP, wanted to burn Civ 3, and didn't start Civ 4.
      Most of my life has been spent in Richardson, Texas but I was born in Abilene.
      Did 4 years in the USAF, 1974-1978. In for the evacuation.

      This is my boy kitteh, Bogey.
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      He also hates Texans and Australians, he does diversify." ~ Braindead


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        Hello Apolyton, I'm McMonkey

        I'm 31, live in Cardiff (Wales) though I'm from England originally. I'm married and have two girls, one 8 and one 2. I have worked for the local electricity company for about seven years. My interests are military history, films and music (almost all types). When I get the chance I like going hiking, bike riding, camping etc... I also enjoy a beer or two almost every day which is probably not a good thing but what the hey!

        I first played Civ2 about ten years ago and fell in love with it immediately. I used to play it on a friends PC and the fact that I could only play it occasionally added to its addictive appeal. I had quite a long break from Civ2 as I didn't have a computer or the time to play games for a number of years.

        When I finally settled down and got internet access I discovered CivFanatics and its collection of scenarios. I figured people had stopped playing Civ2 but decided to make a WWII scenario for my own enjoyment. I posted it at CivFanatics and got some positive feedback. Most importantly I was introduced to the Civ2 Scenario League here at Apolyton. This was in early 2007 if I remember correctly. Since then I have been a member of that Civ2 fraternity and have made several scenarios.

        I also discovered the multiplayer (play by e-mail) community at Civ Webring and have been hooked since. I really enjoy pitting my wits against human opponents. Most of my scenario creation nowadays is for multiplayer games. I would probably enjoy Civ4 but I don't think I would have enough time for another addiction right now. Over the years I have had minor infatuations with many different games but none has the staying power of Civ2.

        I hope to continue tinkering with Civ2 and posting hera at Poly for many years to come


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          Grandpa Troll-50 years old

          Married for 25 years to my best friend, closest confidant and most beautiful Mrs. Troll, 2 children one a PA at a heart center and another a Detective Sgt on SWAT Team for Onslow County S.O. in North Carolina. Both have awesome spouses.

          4 gorgeous grandchildren.

          Serve my Lord as a Deacon and have experienced 2 mission trips to Honduras

          Area Manager in the Ready Mix Concrete industry for 14 years, 25 years total.

          Love civin, been a member here since 2000. I have been blessed to serve this site as a Staff member doing duties as a moderator and news contributor.

          Despite engaging folks here over the years, love everyone, as for gaming, Call to Poower, CIV2 then BTS.


          Have a blessed day!!

          Brother Bruce
          Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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            I am John Schwartz from Germantown, MD

            I'm 26 years old, and I first got hooked on Civ in 1994. I've played them all, and loved them all, except Civ III, which is an abomination before the Lord.

            Lately I've been playing BTS, with the Fall From Heaven mod, and GalCiv II.
            John Brown did nothing wrong.


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              I'm Oerdin. I'm 33 and an old fart.
              Try for discussion and debate.


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                Hey, I started playing Civ I when I was very young (and even then it was a being resold by crucial entertainment) and have also played Civ III+Conquests, Civ IV+Warlords+BTS and Civ Rev on the DS, skipped Civ II because it was already out when I bought Civ I and when I finally went to upgrade, Civ III was already out. Prompted to register by news of Civ V!


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                  Hi, I am a spambot here to promote Civilization 2 . Our cheap workforce of Chinese labor permits us to sell inexpensive and high quality Civilization 2 for wonderfully low prices. Civilization 2 make for a great gift. Buy Civilization 2 now!
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                    I will not stoop to make an introduction, not in this late stage of membership
                    Speaking of Erith:

                    "It's not twinned with anywhere, but it does have a suicide pact with Dagenham" - Linda Smith


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                      Been playing the Civ series for years, mostly on PS2. Finally got a PC and got hooked over again. Bought #4, really didn't like it for some reason. Went back to #3 and found this site looking for scenarios.
                      BTW, I'm 54, full time caregiver for a bedridden spouse due to MS and the father of two kids. One a software engineering major and the other a 3rd grader. Live in the piney woods of east Texas.


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                        Hi All,

                        -CobraMK3- here. I'm 42, married with 2 daughters (22 & 19). Live in Scotland and work for an Oil Company as a process operator. Avid gamer for most of my life, currently playing COD MW2 on Xbox and now Civ4 on PC. New to Civ and first few games have been great, but I lack the knowledge needed to get any depth. So currently reading up on all available info, including the manual/civilopedia.


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                          I'm Andrew and thirty-two years old. Gay and single. BA in History, MA in U.S. History. Originally from rural eastern Iowa, lived and worked for one year in Washington DC area, now employer had me relocate to work in Springfield, Illinois (with Papers of Abraham Lincoln).

                          past travels: Ecuador and Peru, summer 2001
                          first experience with Civ: Civilization on Super NES
                          current favorite game: World of Warcraft
                          other stuff: love thrill rides/roller coasters, trivia games, card games, reading, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis
                          music taste: rock and roll, country, pop, rhythm and blues
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                            Hi, I'm Barack Obama. I'm 49. Married to Michelle Obama with two daughters, Malia and Sasha. I have a BA in Political Science from Columbia University and a JD from Harvard Law School. I'm originally from Honolulu, but I moved first to New York and then Chicago to pursue my post-secondary education.

                            I'm currently in Washington DC, as I was elected as the 44th President of the United States as of November 4th, 2008.

                            My first experience with Civilization was in 1996 when someone told me about this excellent new game where you could conquer the world from the comfort of your home. I credit Sid Meier with instructing me on the importance of diplomacy and how to manipulate foreign dignitaries into ignoring past transgressions.

                            The only thing better then playing Civ is to do the same with the real world. Thank you people of the United States.

                            My hobbies and interests are playing basketball, cooking, poker, spending time with my family, dancing, smoking a blunt, and talking on the phone with Michelle.
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                              Originally posted by Barack Obama View Post
                              My hobbies and interests are playing basketball, cooking, poker, spending time with my family, dancing, smoking a blunt, and talking on the phone with Michelle.
                              Blunts or bust
                              John Brown did nothing wrong.