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What NFL Team Will Have The Biggest Turn Around?

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  • What NFL Team Will Have The Biggest Turn Around?

    There are so many possibilities.

    I'll say Oakland. Russell about to start his journey. They drafted some RB to play the position with Lamont Jordan and company.

    Atlanta has started to rebuild.
    I say 3 years and they'll be a challenge.
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    I hope it's the Dolphins. From 1 win to many!

    Idle thought: maybe it'll be the Packers ... in a negative sense.
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      I'm expecting the Jets and 49ers to both have turn arounds, but I don't expect either to do better than 10-6. I also expect the Saints to be in the 10-13 win range.
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        I'd probably say MIA or ATL, of teams who were bad and should've been bad.

        CHI and BAL both could have big turnarounds of teams that were surprisingly bad (ie, had a down year after generally having winning years). I'm basing this on BAL starting Matt Ryan, and CHI deciding to snap directly to Devin Hester

        (I haven't figured out how BAL acquires Matt Ryan yet, but they figure something out. Trade Ray Lewis and Steve Mcnair's ghost for him, maybe.)
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          I would go with the Ravens or the Panthers. Both contingent on good QB play.
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            I'll have to give this some thought, but offhand I'd say the Rams and 49ers.
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              I'd probably say MIA or ATL

              Atlanta won't. This is a rebuilding year for the Falcons and the starter to start the season will probably be Harrington or Redman until Ryan is ready. Turner will carry the load with the (improved) offensive line expecting to do a bit more drive run blocking.
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                Ravens, Jets, Rams.

                Look at those teams and you can point out several players who legitimately don't suck, and they were good in 2006.

                If you think the Raiders or Falcons or Dolphins are going anywhere anytime soon, you're deluded.
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