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Who do you tip to win the US presidential election

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  • Who do you tip to win the US presidential election

    Do you think Biden will win or do you think he will get Trumped?

    I predict a victory for Trump.

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    Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.
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      I think Moloch will win.
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      "We confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no large ones." - François de La Rochefoucauld


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        Putin, like in the last one.


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          Whoever wins, their VP will be President within 4 years.
          One day Canada will rule the world, and then we'll all be sorry.


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            We're probably screwed no matter what. I really don't see Biden winning unless there's actually a turnout but even if he does win Trump is going to be the first president to claim victory even in defeat and refuse to leave.
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              Trump is essentially an un-indicted co-conspirator. He needs to win so the statute of limitations runs out on his crimes.
              It's never too late to shut the **** up and hope for the best. - Kentonio
              If social security were private, it would be prosecuted as a Ponzi scheme. - me
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              • Ted Striker
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                I hope he gets prosecuted when he loses. Needs to be a precedent. Cheney should have been thrown in jail along with this ****er.

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              The American people have finally found our balls and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

              This POS with his military against civilians/Bible stunt was the final straw. He betrayed the NATO alliance and betrayed the Constitution. And betrayed the core values of human decency. He locks up kids in cages. He works for the Russians. He tries to divide everyone.

              He not only has to defend against Biden, he has to coddle his shrinking base, many who have defected and are using his own lame tactics against him, and the many others no longer eligible to vote who have literally DIED because of his ineptitude in protecting them from the virus. They are going for the throat (his opponents, not the cops. I mean the cops do too but we know that story already).

              You let the Greatest Generation die in nursing homes ? WTF is wrong with you man? Risked your life storming Okinawa only to die because of the ineptitude of a con man reality show host?

              He is fighting a 3 front war and the only thing that can save him is:

              1) Docile Democratic turnout (not gonna happen this time, they are literally in the streets en masse)
              2) Voter fraud (not gonna be enough to turn over a double digit landslide)



              "Let the People know the facts and the country will be saved." Abraham Lincoln

              Mis Novias


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                Biden's strategy of hiding in his basement during the riots so he doesn't either associate himself with the riots or get called a racist seems to be working.


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                  Biden has no need to make public appearances, as the insult bot is handling his campaign. As a bonus, the bot doesn't inappropriately touch women.
                  "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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                    You can't beat Trump by tipping him. His pear shaped body gives him the center of gravity of a roly poly toy.
                    "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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                      This mother****er is FINISHED.

                      That's his unwavering base. And they just turned on him.


                      President Donald Trump’s support among Michigan voters took a sharp dive in polls taken immediately after protesters were forcefully removed so Trump could have his photo taken holding a Bible outside a historic church.
                      Two tell all books are coming out, one this month and another later this summer from:

                      1) John Bolton (still a warmongering dick, so you know it's bad when THIS GUY is criticizing you)
                      2) Trump's own niece

                      What is going to happen next is they are going to go after Barr and remove Trump's legal support. Once Barr falls he has NO COVER left.



                      "Let the People know the facts and the country will be saved." Abraham Lincoln

                      Mis Novias


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                        Looks like Bolton's book may end Pompeo's teflon status.
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                          tough call, Biden's way out front but elections usually tighten up

                          if the rioting and violence continues it'll hurt Biden

                          Durham's findings later this summer and fall will likely hurt the Dems too

                          May God spite the 2 parties for giving us an election between these morally bankrupt crooks

                          some things just dont change

                          oh yeah, a prediction: too early, too close


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                            Originally posted by giblets View Post
                            Biden's strategy of hiding in his basement during the riots so he doesn't either associate himself with the riots or get called a racist seems to be working.
                            The polls do say that. That said, I suspect the polls are not accurate just like they were not accurate on 2016. Why they are not accurate I am not sure but I suspect a combination of things like bad modeling of who is a likely voter, bad sampling methods, and perhaps even people who support Trump being ashamed to say so and simply saying they are undecided or independent just like happened in 2016. It is worth remembering Hillary also tried the hide and hope the other guy self destructs method in 2016 (she did it for 1.5 of the last three months before Nov, 2016 calling she was too sick to campaign) and that ended up backfiring.

                            Eventually Biden won’t be able to hide any more and then the gaffs will come out hurting him. I also suspect the vast majority of Americans really dislike the riots, looting, and arson of the protesters as well as the clear double standards many Dem politicians have shown. That is going to help Trump and the longer the riots go on the more it will help him. Lastly, Trump is actually starting to campaign again while Biden continues to hide in the basement and that is going to harm Biden.
                            Try for discussion and debate.