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Are there ANY good governments left?

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  • Are there ANY good governments left?

    The world continues down a path toward dystopia. Now we are in the middle of a pandemic which will probably lead to the next recession, at the very least unless the damn thing can be contained.

    Let's do a quick recap.

    USA - led by puppet Captain Shinsplints. Checks and balances have failed. Run by rent seeking oligarchs, corporations, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and especially Comrade Putin.

    USSR - led by an assassin. Speak up and die. Best subversive intelligence services in the world. Running circles around the CIA and MI6.

    Chinese Xi Dynasty Empire - led by a Bad Emperor and tentacled legions of corrupted, worthless bureaucrats. Government seizing businesses Venezuela style. Continuing terror of Cultural Revolution and isolating self from world. Bumbling quality control may have unleashed a manmade bio weapon. Fastest downward trajectory.

    British Empire - led by a xenophobic assclown assisted by Comrade Putin's subversion machine. Will lose Scotland soon to William Wallace.

    Ottomans - Restored the sultanate and spit on Ataturk's grave. Humiliated USA by beating up USA civilians in their own capital. Sideways trajectory. Resumed genocide after Cheeto sold out the Kurds. Turkish chicks on lockdown.

    007 SCORE
    Comrade Putin/Serb: 2
    USA/NATO: 0

    Sultan Erdogan: 1
    USA: 0

    USA: 3
    Emperor Xi: 1

    So who does that leave? Germany, France, Italy, and their satellites are holding Europe together, but are being broiled by social unrest.

    Viking shield maidens also seem to be doing well. Iceland has turned a corner after suffering a terrible financial crisis, but relying too much on Karen from Milwaukee wanting to see hot springs and sample disgusting salty shark.

    Japan? Everyone loves Japan. Safe, clean, respectful. One of the most admired societies. Of course they have their own issues but at least very stable. Thanks China, you'll probably get the Olympics cancelled this year

    I'd say the Finns are probably are our best bet to save the world at this point. When not busy sniping Communists, they are electing capable, diverse, hittable leaders.

    BIATHLON SCORE (lower number wins)
    FINNS: 70,000
    USSR: 381,000
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    "Let the People know the facts and the country will be saved." Abraham Lincoln

    Mis Novias

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    Iceland seems to be well-run, so are a couple other smaller countries.


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      There is no ottoman state. There is a greek pristine clear cut light knife in the heart of every ottoman and the ones that follow them.
      When america leans toward ottoman, we simply kneel down. and the world is destroyed

      Really, no

      american racism takes care of turkey

      when a non racist takes over, then we must work


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        Althougj I pretty sure by noe Greece and also Turkey knows that we can both give american balls up their mouths to be eaten. with sauce

        That we keep buying american and russian weapons (yes russian loves us)

        BUT wait

        See a young turk full of life
        A greek one too

        Do you MOTHER****ING BITC


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          i DON'T Want my youth to be killed,

          Nietheri do yours

          And that's fact, and that's peace


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            1996. I remember

            Greek youth: we are ready to die. 5.000 years old history we will prevail. The enemy is the turk

            Turkey: we will defend the homeland, as Allah dictates we will trrust our bodies to the death of the indfidels,

            Greek politician: I value the life of a single greek youth

            Turkish politician: I dont' want that



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              USA/Germany has made a lot of money off of our animosity

              I propose we team uo and kil you intead

              It will be easy what do yo usay my fellow turks


              kill that ****ing amewrogernam poork


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                then kill


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                  I understand that maby tthe music throws you off to the americanogerman nazi kilers

                  Here, that 's a prtty song

                  You KNOW what i'm talkiong about grey wolf