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Fast internet - good thing?

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  • Fast internet - good thing?

    Sure it's fast like hell, but I remember the suspense when dl-ing the ca. 60 (? IIRC) GB from Steam for XCOM2 plus addons. How long would it take? Would the dl speed be stable? Or would dls break down completely to be restarted from scratch (non-Steam and similar which continue from breaking point)?? What an adventure it all was back then!

    Now it's all over in few mins...where's the sense of achievement in this?!?

    I think the only way to bring back fun and thrill to dl-ing stuff is to vastly increase file sizes, so that stuff isn't over too fast....

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    You could move to the Philippines and still enjoy the wonder and excitement.

    Also, slow internet caps the amount of horrible things you can be exposed to in any given timeframe.
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      Fast Times at Ridgemont High - a good thing.
      There's nothing wrong with the dream, my friend, the problem lies with the dreamer.


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        There was a certain amount of anticipation that built up as you waited for things to download.
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          350Mbps down and up. Thank you fiber. At this speed, I could host websites out of my house.
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