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I'm not buying Civ 5 because

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      Thank you Asher. That illustrates a means of obtaining patches.

      Boris. I have never actually purchased Mac software by mistake. Have you? (Edit. Thanks, I wasn't aware it could be played offline. Maybe I might get a temporary connection, big maybe)

      I did purchase Warp O/S software by mistake once, in about 1990 IIRC.


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        the biggest dissapointment will actually happen after you put the effort to play the game, get it going and than realize that you bought broken Panzer General and not next civ game.

        Civ V, the error is in the name, it shouldn't have been called that way, misleading... it should be Civ Rev II, Civ rev for PC or something like that.
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          it says twice on the box that you need to activate the game on the internet. I beleive you need to activate before installing, which would be why the game didnt install from the disc for you
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            I'm not buying it because my computer isn't good enough to run it. Also, I haven't fully exhausted Civ IV yet (or Civ II ), and have an awesome new job to get up in the mornings for so I really don't need a new time sink.


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              Yeah, if it ain't broke (Civ IV), don't try to 'fix' it...

              Let me know when they've finished bringing out all the expansions for it.

              PS, I didn't buy Civ IV till they'd brought out BtS AND combined it all in one box...!
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