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    Originally posted by Cort Haus View Post
    Relax, Peter and wait for The Ashes
    Yikes. The Aus cricket team has been getting a right serve in the gutter press lately. Your lot might beat our lot.


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      Will Ponting really go down in history as 'The Bloke Who Lost The Ashes. Three Times.' ?

      Surely not.

      You'll hammer us on your turf. You always do.


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        I don't think so. Australia is very very hard on her "sporting heroes" who fail to win but soon goes on to forget them. I think it is called selective memory, remember wins and forget losses (and anyone associated with those losses).

        There was something of a "to do" when our soccer team lost in that World Cup thingy in South Africa recently. Our team had no hope and nobody cares about soccer but we had a team so they were expected to win.


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          I'm glad you two have found a use for this waste-of-a-thread. Carry on
          Speaking of Erith:

          "It's not twinned with anywhere, but it does have a suicide pact with Dagenham" - Linda Smith


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            Yes, I wonder who it was that decided to post something logical in the third post of this thread turning it in to what it is now though?