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  • PBEMs vs Vacations

    Many of the regular PBEM players have left for their summer vacations. that meaning they have moved to their summer mating nests .

    The summer holiday period in Spain is extremely looong, that's one of the few good things this country has to offer . Let's not digress... It means that probably we will not see the whole gang until the end of August. That's because, contrary to the well extended AngloSaxon rite, Spaniards do not carry their computers everywhere. They just forget all about them until they get back home after the vacation period.

    At this point, Flip, Fiera, Kindal and Shaka have left. I am afraid Waku will disappear shortly. I will stay though, keeping the Spanish Pavillion as high as I can. Uhm, and Henrik may not be Spanish, but is also gone.

    To those who stay: what should we do people? Do we put the games on hold or just carry on w/o the vacationers? Do we enlist new people (hi Chris W Opinions, please?
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    Re: PBEMs vs Vacations

    Originally posted by Jay Bee
    I am afraid Waku will disappear shortly.
    I don't think so.

    I'm having two free weeks in august (and some days here and there) but if I go somewhere it won't last more than a week. Moreovere, the beach is five mins. far from home .

    Whatever you decide will be OK with me.


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      Old band traditions:

      And the band played on...

      we might be able to recruit replacements at the scenario league forums, there are quite a few PBEM players there.


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        I think that it´s going to be quite had to find players to make them play for kIndal, Fiera, etc..

        we only need to find replacement for Flip because he says that he is not coming back
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          I'm for suspending games, rather then fishing for new players to continue the games.

          SL guys can be unrelieable, as many of us have found out.

          A six week break on some games isn't so bad, really.

          Going through people who don't play their turns, forget all the time, and quit when things get tough is something I don't care to do.

          I really don't care for that. If you know the player, and they are reliable, it would be OK. Otherwise, I don't think so.
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            Ok, we should suspend them.


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              I couldn't really take over any games anyway at the moment, I'm off for a month from the 23rd...


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                Ok, let's put them on hold.... except for Spanish Pride. I say that cos this is a very slow moving scen at this time so anything we can do to speed it up would be fine. Besides the main civs at play are those controlled by the three of us who have not left. Does it sound fine? Maybe even Elawr could take over the AI-controlled Catalans (If he wants to, of course)


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                  Sure, why not.


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                    Waku, Chris62, is this fine with you two?


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                        Sure, why not?

                        If martin takes over the Catalans, what's the turn order again?

                        I seem to have forgotten, plus who's gone again, and who's not?
                        I believe Saddam because his position is backed up by logic and reason...David Floyd
                        i'm an ignorant greek...MarkG


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                          Chris->ELAwr->Waku->Jay Bee

                          Basques --AI
                          Andalusians --- Waku
                          Moors -- Jay Bee
                          Portugal -- Chris62
                          Galicians --AI
                          Catalans --Elawrence
                          Castilians --AI

                          You currently have the latest save. Send it to Martin

                          PS. Nice line you've added to your sig


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                            I think I sent it to Kindal, but I posted it, didn't I?

                            Doesn't matter, I'll send it again.

                            PS. Nice line you've added to your sig
                            I assume you mean the OT Mod at civfanatics.

                            I have been, for one week, since last Sunday. I'm also Scenario Review editor, and I wrote some reviews of your scenarios for the site. We haven't poened that part of the site yet, which reminds me of something.

                            Do you have any screen shots of your scenarios, Jay Bee? I would like to post some with the reviews. Since I plan to review all of yours, shots from any and all would be welcome.

                            In fact, from all the guys, I would like such shots from any scenario. I don't have the stuff to do get them myself, but I'll give anybody a credit for the shots.
                            I believe Saddam because his position is backed up by logic and reason...David Floyd
                            i'm an ignorant greek...MarkG


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                              I visit Civfanatics from time to time. Only lurking, not posting.

                              Press PRINTSCREEN. Then open any paint progran you have and paste. Making screenshots is that easy.

                              You can find a few screenshots of my scenarios posted at the Spanish Civ Site.

                              PS. Hope the reviews of my scens score high. Otherwise.... FORUM WAR!!! (Guess you know who writes that everywhere)