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  • "Newbie" starts.... now!

    Hello and welcome to game "Newbie"!

    I will be your GM for this little adventure. As the name implies, this game shall introduce the new players on Apolyton to our way of playing Diplomacy.

    Unfortunately "our way" for some Apolytoners means "heck with deadlines, the others can wait". This, however, is not "my way" and will therefore not be tolerated.

    If you have any questions during this game, feel free to ask me anytime. I´ll do my best to answer. Just one type of question is not allowed: "What would be my best move?"

    I will provide you with deadlines, resolutions and (simple) maps. For maps it would be best if you download a mapper. I will use "Realpolitik" You can download the programm for free here:

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    Now for some general rules. Some of these I had already posted on the other thread:

    1) All communication with the GM is via email. My email adress exclusively for this game is:
    ICQ messages might be read by me, but there´s no guarantee. My ICQ is 43251116

    2) Classic diplomacy rules apply. So do the classic english country abbreviations. Additionally, I require that whenever a player supports or convois a foreign unit, that unit´s country must be clearly stated. Example for a french order to convoi an english unit:

    F ENG C english A Lon - Bel

    4) There will be no grace period. A player who does not submit moves within the deadline is declared NMR, his units are set on hold.

    5) Preliminary moves are strongly encouraged. This way you can avoid NMRs.

    6) You can send moves ahead of the deadline any time. Unless they are marked final, I will not process them before the deadline.

    7) If you mark your moves "final", I will process them ahead of time, if I have "final" sets of moves from all players. Until I have them from all players, you can of course always change your moves again. You should in his case mark them something like "final-2".

    8) When you send moves, please always state in the subject the game name, your country and the season. Example:
    "Newbie F02 England"

    9) Any player who NMRs thrice will be replaced.

    10) No conditional moves are allowed.

    11) The game is considered an Apolyton Diplomacy Club game. Therefor all NMRs and the final results are counted against your ADC ranking.

    12) Should disagreement arise over any GM decisions, an appeal can be sent to the ADC president. IIRC that is Lordstone1.

    13) Everybody is to have fun.


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      Now for the most important: COUNTRY ASSIGNMENTS!!!

      Russia: Napoleon
      Germany: WarVoid
      England: Taurus
      France: Yoav
      Austria: Builder
      Turkey: Sirotnikov
      (and the winner is Italy: Defiant

      (Sorry, Defiant, but you are probably the most experienced player in this game )


      The spring 01 moves will be due saturday, the 20th of January, 7pm GMT (9pm Israel, 2pm EST).

      I allowed 12 days from today because the first talks usually need more time. After spring 01, the (spring and fall) moves will be due every seven days, always saturday, 7pm GMT.

      Retreats will ALWAYS be due 48 hours after the resolution came out. Builds will be due either 24 hours after the retreats or - if there are no retreats - 48 hours after the resolution. I will of course always give out specific deadlines so that nobody gets confused.

      Finally, I advise that everybody confirms here again that he is with us. Please also give your ICQ and email for everyone to know.

      Cheers and good luck everyone,

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        1) yeah, where are the maps?

        2) builds?


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          Builder, perhaps this will assist you in learning more about Diplomacy. This is a link to a tutorial developed by one of our members (SnowFire) for the purpose of assisting new players. I think it's a good instructional tool, and in the absence of the rules which we theoretically cannot post because of copyright laws, it's the next best thing.

          Please feel free to e-mail me if you have further questions after perusing the tutorial.


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            Um, forgive me for asking, but since when has Defiant been a newbie?


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              No fair!!!

              I am sick and couldn't log on so I am now Turkey?

              *makes turkey sounds*
              *people don't laugh*
              oh well.

              okey dokey now.

              My ICQ : 18345800
              My E-mail :
              Another E-mail : (I check it once a week or so)
              Another E-mail : (once a month)
              Finally: (once a year) Sirotnikov@whatthe****.com
              it exists really.


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                Yay, I'm France : OK OK now...

                Again: I'm Yoav - ICQ UIN# 3849349 (Username Yoav)
                E-mail:; though I prefer receiving ICQ messages (I hate outlook and my Netscape is problematic... grrr... Sirotnikov claims this is because I am stupid. He is wrong.) .


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                  Having a bad day
                  ICQ# 46172786

                  Siro, you might want to talk to Italy(me) we can formulate destructive plans for others.
                  Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

                  (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell


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                    AAhh defiant aren't you ever available on ICQ? how do you expect me to talk to you? using E-mail? eeeuch!


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                      I'm England (I'm Taurus).


                      ICQ# : 52073195

                      Have Fun!!!

                      Proud member of the state of Israel.
                      "There's room at the top they are telling you still, but first you must learn how to smile as you kill, if you want to be like the folks on the hill" - John Lennon

                      "Life is wasted on the living."
                      -Douglas Adams


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                        Some of us have to work, I will be on later tonight but what is the time difference between us? My ICQ is always up due to cable modem speed, not that much faster.
                        Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

                        (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell


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                          I'm here.

                          Ok, you all can send your lies to me over ICQ or email and whichever one is best i'll believe...

                          UIN # 73438757


                          I'm on ICQ every night if you need to contact me.


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                            I have a small unsignificant question.

                            HTF I play?


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                              First you start talking to your neighbors, I am one of them in Italy. You have units on the board, A-Vie, A-Bud and F-Tri. After talking with your neighbors you try to decide who is probably going to be your friend or enemy and you moves your units in response to that, goal still being to gain SC's, the countries with circles in the middle.
                              A standard Austrian moves sequence is
                              Vie-Gal, sometimes to bounce Russia out of Gal if he is moving there from War, again you must discuss this kind of tactics with other players.

                              A-Bud-Serbia, Serbia is an SC and will gain you a build in the fall season if you maintain it.

                              F-Tri-Albania, this sets you up in the fall move for A-Ser supports F-Albania - Greece, which is a second build.

                              Again this is just a sample move sequence, but you should get the general idea.

                              Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

                              (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell