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    To South Africa: We accept a NAP.
    Join the Civ4 SPDG and save the world one library at a time.
    Term 1 Minister of Finances in the Civ4 Democracy Game and current Justice in the Civ4 Democracy Game
    President of the Moderate Progressives of Apolyton in the Civ4 Democracy Game Aedificium edificium est Vires


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      to India:
      Remember our DMZ
      If any soldeir from any country, even Egyptian or even Iranian! will cross you side of the DMZ, for us it's a threat to the defense of Iran and we will need to remove this threat.
      And we will...
      Than we can asure you won't take any lands from you, but we will attack the aggreisve army that wish to destory the Muslims.

      to The world:
      Jurdan, Syria and Irak are Muslim, and are now under muslim rule.
      If any nation will try to break the Middle-east Arab union that today call itself Iran, will be counted as alla enemy and will be treated as one.
      We will declear jihad on any nation that will cross into our borders, exapt for weopn inspectors and peacfull citizens.