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    to Egypt:
    [secret] Ukraine sugested to give us Turkey without a fight...
    I think I should go for it.

    to Ukraine:
    [secret] Smart of you to think a peacfull way to give us Arab lands.
    Just that we don't want Arab lands, we want Turkey free.
    We will sign with you this alliance, but are not ready for a way with mighty Russia yet...
    So free Turkey and we will sign alliance and sell Oil to you in less prices.

    to India:
    This is the last tim we say this, creat by yourself Pakistan, or we will creat it by force!

    to USA:
    Don't think you can frighten us with words.
    We will free ALL arabs in the arab regions even if it means be aggresive like MED.
    If you will contrinue to annoy us with words, we will think about better ways to make you silence. including Oil embargos IF needed.


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      To U.S: What is it that you can do for us. Why can we trust that you are willing to end the hostilities. If this is a trap dont bother we not go for it. If you are sincere then let us talk. We would like to talk to you about the increase in Iranian hostilities, we share this threat in common.

      To India: Have no fear if they attack you we will wipe them out. Then you can have their land and punish them for as long as you want.

      Increase army.


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        The US COngress today aproved a bill alowing oil companies to drill for oil in Alaska. They must preserve as much land as possible, but will be able to drill in all the oil fields in Alaska. This is in response mainly to the growing tensions in the Middle East as Iran seeks to start a world war.

        Also a new Buget has given bost to spending in the Millitary while providing tax cuts to companies that invest more in own bussiness.

        Upsizing Navy and Airforce both to large.
        Navy upsizing(2.5 years)
        Airforce Upsizing(4 years)

        TO Japan:
        We will help you in your fight against Iran and their allies. We will not let them push the world arround and cause economic hard ship for our people.

        TO Iran:
        Soon we will have no use for your oil. So take you embragos else where since you can embargo all you want, it will only hurt yourself.

        To South Africa:
        We are still looking over the idea.
        Donate to the American Red Cross.
        Computer Science or Engineering Student? Compete in the Microsoft Imagine Cup today!.


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          Ukraine to Iran: Agreed.
          Ukraine has given autonomy to Syria, Turkey, and Kurdistan, although they have required that these new nations keep close ties with Ukraine and they have kept areas with significant greek/christian populations. They have also announced they support Pakistani independence and support the "International Congress," hoping it will be able to force countries to give independence to oppressed groups.

          Egypt to Iran: OK, we agree.

          India to Iran: Do your worst! Let's see how well you are against India, Japan, and the US combined!


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            Map with Turkey, Kurdistan, and Syria.
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              Brazil to Canada:

              Good. That will suffice for the time being. We are glad we could come to such a mutually beneficial arrangement. We will begin payments and commence takeover immediately.

              Brazil to South Africa:

              We decline involvement in this organization for the time being.

              Brazil to all countries:

              We would welcome trade with all of you. We also have a number of industries that can fulfill any need you might have. We can build anything or perform any service, for a price.

              Set up high-tech industries and advanced manufactories. Promote research firms. Lift bans on most previously restricted development schemes, but put them under government supervision. Enlarge merchant fleet and, where possible, get involved with business in foreign countries.
              Those walls are absent of glory as they always have been. The people of tents will inherit this land.


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                With the new aran nations that had been formed, the Iranian leader was happy.
                The alliance with ukraine was perfect, and very soon she would work.
                HE STILL WATED FOR AN UPDATE (update civman2000, when?)

                to Ukraine:
                (secret)You did well, you have our word about the alliance.

                to Egypt:
                We thank you for your suport for us

                to MODer:
                Please add the new nations to the nations table, and please update...

                to India:
                I am happy now, I don't want wars with the new arab nations that need some help. You got lucky...

                to USA:
                We DO NOT PLAN another world war, but we do plan the freedom of all arabs in the world, and if you will continue to annoy us, you will be #1 enemy of islam, mr. presidednt!


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                  1st post updated. However, I don't plan on updating it very often, only on request or when new nations form. I don't want to mod this very much, only when uncontrolled nations are brought into major conflicts/crises/stuff by controlled nations.


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                    To Iran:
                    We do not respond to threats and demands. Your economy is heavly dependent on selling the rest of the world oil, including the United States. We sugest that before you start making threats to us you consider the facts and behave in a more reasonable way.

                    To Japan and India(Secret):
                    We believe Iran to be a threat to all of the world. We cannot stand by and let Iran get its way and build up and attack us when they are strong. We must act soon.
                    Donate to the American Red Cross.
                    Computer Science or Engineering Student? Compete in the Microsoft Imagine Cup today!.


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                      to USA:
                      We only threaten who that threaten us.
                      You shouldn't come to buisnes that are not yours...

                      Civman, how do we grow our armies if there are no updates?
                      If I saw "grow army" when does it grow???


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                        To U.S: We will help you in regards with the Iranians. If they try anything to distablize the region we will act with full military force, I hope you can help us.

                        To Iran: We will not tolerate distablizing of the region of the middle East. We warn you if you do us and India will act with Full military response, we will not restrain yourself from acting in this regard. Attacking the region will be consider an assualt on India, we defend your allies.

                        To Ukraine (secret): We ask that you not sell Turkey or anyother region in the Middle East to the Iranians. We will reward you if do as we ask.


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                          To: Brazil

                          Take suriname and French Giunea, or Guinea, it doesn't matter.

                          To: U.S

                          What about that allaince? Canada wil assist in any military operations against Iran.


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                            OOC: erz87, GDNES2 is a good example of how armies and such will grow. Just post how long it will take for them to grow, keep it reasonable, and it will happen. Remember, it is NOT a goal of an NES to have your country "win".

                            Uncontrolled nations:
                            Ukraine to US: We are not so foolish as to do that. WE just gave Turkey independence, although economically and politically it still is very close to us. And please, stop pestering Iran, they agreed to back off of India, problem solved, so why must you make more trouble?

                            South Africa:
                            To Iran: (SECRET) If you let me have Indian East Africa instead of Egypt should a war break out, I'll side with you.
                            To the World: Please, this crisis over Pakistan is a perfect situation for our proposed International COngress to step in! Let's try to settle this peacefully and openly!

                            The South African King has announced that he will launch a series of reforms to make SOuth Africa closer to being a Constitutional Monarchy. He also plans to make more pro-business policies to get the economy moving and encourage foreign investment (Economy->Growing in 3 years).


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                              To South africa:
                              [secret!] We do not plan to conquer India, only to creat Pakistan, maybe you plan to save african people of south african Indian colony...[/secret] We do not wish to join this worldwide coaltion, as most of it it's against Iran. India for now will be sperd, unless her allies will contniue to bug us....

                              to India:
                              We shall not creat Pakistan for now, tell your allies to stop buging us and threat us in wars.

                              to Ukraine:
                              [secret] We wish to make our alliance stronger, join me and Egypt in the Arab leuge, and with you also the small arab nations should join. Very soon we could do what is needed to finish our arab freedom stuff (invading Russia)[/secret] we wish to open trade with your fine nation.

                              Preaper to war time.
                              Grow the army and air force in 1 year. (war time make it faster)
                              Spread propeganda inn all muslim India to tell them to break from India.[/secret]


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                                OOC: Growing both your army and your air force will take more than one year, unless you really want to hurt your economy. Maybe 3 years or so to do both of them, and that would slow down economic growth, even while on a war footing because you aren't actually at war.
                                India to Iran: Thank you. Now let's make a DMZ along the border so we can trust you.
                                Ukraine to Iran: We would like to trade wtih you. (SECRET) We do not want to joint the Arab League, but we will be separately allied with you.

                                South Africa:
                                To Iran: (SECRET) We know you do not plan to take over india, only liberate Pakistan. WE also are interested in attacking India, to take away their colony in Africa.