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  • Apocralypse ?

    Whats up with Apocralypse? I know that Hoggy was really busy for awhile, does this mean we are on hold, or dead? There seems to be alot of games lately that are dying or delayed. Is there any chance of someone else picking up the GM'ing for Hoggy while he's busy? He can always resume when his schedule clears up some.

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    With two or three players on holiday or away or something and me busy, I haven't been able to update anything. I should have something up by Friday night, whether it's Apocralypse or the ADCT Final or both.


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      Thanks Hoggy, and I wasn't ripping you or anything, I just don't want this game to die. I was only asking for help while you were busy.


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        No problem, I've been prodding me since last week to actually keep track of them, but the schedule has been relentless.

        I hate end of trimesters.


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          that's alright, i'm sure no one will mind if we just say that my mighty Turkish empire wins and we can let that be that
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