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  • Apprentice Dip Fall 1901 Results

    Builds Due Monday

    Italy (Barbarossa) (0 builds)
    A Ven H
    F Ion C A Apu-Gre (move fails)

    England (Midshipman) (0 builds)
    F Nwg - Nor (move fails)
    F Nth C A Edi-Bel
    A Edi - Bel (move fails)

    Austria (WarVoid) (1 build)
    A Ser S Russian A Ukr > Rum (invalid support)
    A Vie > Boh

    France (HsFB) (2 builds)
    Mao F -> Por
    Pic A -> Bel (move fails)

    Russia (Scott) (2 builds)
    1. A Ukr S F Sev -> Rum
    2. F Sev -> Rum
    3. F GoB -> Swe
    4. A StP -> Nor (move fails)

    Germany (Shadowstrike) (2 builds)
    A Mun -> Tyr
    F Hol -> Nth (move fails)
    A Kie -> Den

    Turkey (Napoleon) (1 build)
    A Con - Bul (move fails)
    A Bul - Gre (move fails)
    F Ank - Bla

    Power Ranking:
    #1 Russia: So far go good. Russia has what seems to be in the gameís only firm alliance
    and all his neighbors either seem to be at each otherís throats or in a weak position.
    #2 France: Well with England diplomatically isloted and Germany doing something
    bizarre his southernarmy,France is in a growth position.
    #3 Germany: Well his conflict with Austria seems a bit pointless, but at least Germanyís
    gotten two builds and has no dangerous enemies.
    #4 Austria: Well Austriaís netted only one build and has that German army harassing
    him, but at least he seems to be allied with Russia which is a plus.
    #5 Turkey: Well Turkey still has a good shot at Greece, but that move into the Black sea
    could anger Russia enough to be the Sultanís downfall....
    #6 Italy: In a weak but salvagable position.
    #7 England: Ouch. All three of Englandís neighbors have made anti-English moves.
    Time to do some brown-nosing...

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    Mobody likes me

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    But I kick that ball, and I pray it goes straight,
    If it does, then Coach says, "Good job number eight."
    He doesn't even no my name is Andre Kristacovitchlalinski, Jr.
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      I'm having problems with my email account. In the meantime, can I please use my hotmail account? Its
      *grumbles about work*


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        Were those orders acceptable? (Alas, I don't know the proper build syntex )
        *grumbles about work*


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          The proper build syntax is probably this:

          Germany builds:
          F Ber
          A Kie

          That's it.
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            It IS possible to support another player's move, right?
            Indifference is Bliss


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              Of course you can.

              To support a player's move, your unit must be adjacent to the destination of that move.

              Say, you're France, with A Bur, and you want to support a German move from Berlin to Munich, you go,

              A Bur S (German) A Ber-Mun

              However, you cannot support a unit that is leaving the province adjacent to your unit. So, you can't order:

              A Bur S (German) A Mun-Ber

              Because Burgundy does not border Berlin, the destination.

              In another case, you can simply support a unit to stay right where it is. If A Munich wants to stay, you order,

              A Bur S (German) A Mun

              HOWEVER, if A Mun moves anyway, then your support is invalid (even if Munich goes to Ruhr, which also borders Burgundy) because your support does not specify the destination of the unit, if any.

              Now, remember, if anyone attacks A Bur (even if ANOTHER unit, like A Mar or A Gas is supporting A Bur to hold), then the support is broken.

              F: A Bur S (German) A Ber-Mun
              G: A Ber-Mun
              E: A Par-Bur

              England's move to Burgundy breaks the French unit's support for the German move to Munich. Keep in mind that A Bur is not dislodged or anything, only its support has been broken.

              NOW, here's the real mindboggler. You cannot break the support of a unit attacking you.

              E: A Par-Bur
              G: A Ruh S (English) A Par-Bur
              F: A Bur-Ruh

              Look at these moves, it looks like you would break the German support for the English attack on Burgundy. But because of the above rule, the support is NOT broken, and your unit in Burgundy is dislodged (or even worse, destroyed when no possible retreats exist).

              Confused yet?
              [This message has been edited by LordStone1 (edited August 15, 2000).]
              The honorary duty of a human being
              is to love, I am human and nothing
              human can be alien to me.

              -Maya Angelou


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                HsFB, It is possibile to support another nation's move. Say you are playing England for this example. The proper way to write such an order is:

                F North Atlantic Ocean supports French F Brest - Mid Atlantic Ocean

                Now, assuming that the French player is actually writes the associated movement order your support will be valid. And assuming that there is no other movement into the Mid Atlantic with a strength of 2 or more units, the French move would then succeed.


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                  so i DO need to announce i'm being supported by another player, right.
                  Indifference is Bliss


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                    When are Spring Moves due?
                    *grumbles about work*


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                      No, you do not need to announce that you are receiving support. Generally, you PRAY that you are receiving support from the player who promised it to you!


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                        No, you don't announce that you are being supported by another player. For one, why would you want others to know? Second, you can't dictate another player's moves. Ultimately, it is up to the other player to make the support order.

                        The best you can do is ask him to write the support order, order your own unit to move, and threaten him with extinction if he disobeys your trust.

                        Welcome to your baptism of fire.
                        The honorary duty of a human being
                        is to love, I am human and nothing
                        human can be alien to me.

                        -Maya Angelou


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                          Well, well aren't Ruffhaus and I being very helpful? The first question, I posted 1 minute ahead of him. The second question, we post at the same time.

                          Hmm, who is better? Huh?
                          The honorary duty of a human being
                          is to love, I am human and nothing
                          human can be alien to me.

                          -Maya Angelou


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                            Shadowstrike, Winter Builds come first.


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                              HsFB: Read part II of the tutorial agian, if you haven't already.

                              It should explain, with lots of examples, all the vagaries of movement. If you have any questions, just make sure to ask them, like you've been doing.
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