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The Age of Imperialism Part II

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    To Japan:
    Your conradulations are premature, unless they surrender we estimate at least another three months before the campaign is complete. And by three months with the exception of another blizzard the war will be completed, only the intervention of god himself will prevent it.
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      Mod Stuff:
      Gscott, Napoleon is France. He said you could purchase Indochina for $800 Million. It is an amount which Japan, with its extensive military buildup and government subsidized industrialization, cannot afford.

      To Japan
      From China
      The emperor has heard your offer and has refused it. Manchuria is part of China. It shall never become part of Japan.

      More Mod Stuff:
      Armored cruisers that were started at the beginning of the thread should be completed by now. Armored cruisers take almost a year to build. Battleships take almost two years.

      And Gscott, keep in mind that your advance has been rather rapid. Further expansion will be unfeasible for you right now, unless you wish in incur an event.

      Moderator Event:

      Mexican Uprisings!
      Across American-occupied Mexico, tens of thousands of lowly farmers and locals have risen up against their American occupiers. While overall the uprisings have been peaceful, violence has occurred in some areas. Armed Mexicans have attacked American troops and several American barracks buildings have be sent on fire.


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        In a surprise action, Chancellor Bismarck has dispatched two German field armies into Denmark. Statements from the Chancellor's office report that the move is primarily a defensive one, aimed at preventing Russian control of Jutland and the possibility of German ships kept out of the straits exiting the Baltic Sea. Thus far there has been little resistance by the local population and the Danish military, though it is believed that this action was taken without consulting the Danish government beforehand.

        In other news, the six armored cruisers ordered at the start of last year have been completed. More cruisers, such as those included in the annual Naval Bill, will be joining the German fleet soon.

        The Reichstag has authorized more German colonial expansion inland. The government has dispatched more colonial troops and has begun to subsidize and encourage immigration further.

        To Russia:
        At this time, German imports of Scandinavian iron ore are limited. In the future, however, as our needs increase, we will be glad to purchase iron ore from you.


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          The February offensive was kicked off with a bang as nearly one thousand Russian artillery pieces lit up the night sky as the new offensive began in the early morning. One moment all was serene and the next the Earth itself seemed to explode in a violent orgy of death and destruction. The Swedes morale was at a high point in December as they finally stopped the Russian juggernaut. But it began sinking lower and lower as they realized that their nation would become a Russian province despite their best efforts and those of their allies.
          The Artillery barage lasted three days, the hastily built defensive works were reduced to so much kindling and rubble. Luckily the Swedes and dug deep and they remained relativelty unscathed, though any barriers they may have put up were smashed flat. The newly reinforced first, third, fifth, and Eighth Field armies advanced along the entire Trondheim/Harnosand line. The city of Trondheim itself had been in Russian hands for three months now and only the periodic shelling from British warships made it unsafe. This problem was easily rectified as units stayed away from the shore. Sometimes a British ship would get to close and Russian Artillery would start firing back. The British lost a third class cruiser that way and hadn't repeated the mistake.
          The advance, like all Russian advances was one of quantity over quality. If the first 10,000 didn't succeed in taking an objective, you throw another 10,000 or 50,000 at it until the objective was taken. And that is what happened as almost One Million Russian soldiers rushed Swedish and their allies defensive lines and in six different places broke through to encircle the Swedish. The Russians had the most trouble in the Norwegian area as that is where most of the French soldiers were stationed. Not to happy about being in Sweden they fought like mad when they realized if they didn't they wouldn't be leaving the country except in a body bag. In western Norway nearly one hundred thousand French soldiers held off three hundred thousand Russians for three days before they were finally overwhelmed by Russian numerical superiority. At no other place in the entire campaign had the Russians been stopped like that for so long before finally going forward.
          With their defensive line broken, and the Russians attempting to encircle them the Swedes and Allies that could began to retreat some were caught in the trap of the Russian encirclement but most got away. Those that didn't fought as best they could among those were nearly 10,000 Portegeuse fighting in central Norway. Many of the 10,000 fought until they had just one bullet left and then killed themselves as it was better than falling into Russian hands. The troops which avoided the trap had just one order that they had to obey and that was try to stop the Russians at all cost. Those organized units that survived retreated and found ground in which defence was suitable, they would wait for the Russians and ambush them. Those troopers who's units were either gutted or lost found their own ambush sites.
          The four Russian field armies each began advancing their goals were clearly within reach and they could probably occupy the entire nation by April. However, it would be more feasible and probably better in the long run if the advanced was slower than before and the campaign could be completed in May hopefully without any suprises like the one that Blizzard delivered. Fortified positions were overrun as Russian troops advanced, using the same formula overwhelm it until it stops fighting, and then the advance could continue.
          If they aren't free by now then they can stay in jail


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            3 new armored cruisers are launched in Buenos Aires.
            OOC: I'll post all info on the Uruguayan campaign as soon as internet works in the computer labs So far, it's continuing at home on paper that has to be posted.


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              Japanese shipyards have completed 12 of our Armored Cruisers that we ordered last year. Another 6 are due for completion next month with the other six following. Our Ironclad fleet has also been completed and is now patrolling the waters around our homeland.

              Japanese Armed Forces
              All ground forces now entrenched in southern Manchuria near the cities of Jilin, Liaoyuan, Fushun and Shenyang. The Home Islands are protected by newly trained militias in each major city and town. For the next several months, our forces will remain entrenched opposite the Chinese while we rotate new troops and allow the veterans time to rest.

              Japanese Navy

              8 Battleships (under construction)
              12 Armored Cruisers (12 under construction)
              24 Ironclads (Coastal Defense)

              To France: We apologize for the misunderstanding but our treasury cannot support the requested funds for that province at this time. Perhaps in the next few years, but at this time we must retract our proposal.

              To Germany: We are very interested in the structure of your army and its effectiveness in combat. Would it be possible for us to send some officers to train in your nation to improve the effectiveness of our armed forces.

              To England: Would you be interested in conducting wargames with our fleet in the Pacific? This could be a good opportunity to train our forces for the common defense of our holdings!
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                Mod Stuff:

                8 Battleships (under construction)
                12 Armored Cruisers (12 under construction)
                24 Ironclads (Coastal Defense)

                Germany cannot afford such a navy so quickly, therefore it follows that Japan, with weaker industries and economies, cannot either. Plus in 1885 Japan lacked shipyards to build large warships. They must be build first. Most of Japan's early capital ships were contract build by Britain. New numbers for the Japanese fleet:
                8 Battleships planned, not started
                4 Armored Cruisers (no more than four of anything this size or larger per year until those shipyards are expanded)
                12 Ironclads


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                  The Russian Advance had been brutal. The smaller well-trained men held out but after days of killing Russians they had lacked bullets. Over 80,000 French Soldiers were missing or dead. The Russians had monumental losses, sources saying that almost one whole armies worth of men were dead. With those casualties being leaked through the French spies morale sunk rapidly. Some Russians talked of desertion, those men were killed. If the offensive carries on like this, the men might leave with no desire to fight.

                  The French Generals called the troops back to the Western areas. A new strategy was to be implemented. New repeating rifles were coming off of the factories, increasing French strength. Along with the training they recieved, the Frecnh were smart. The new strategy being implemented was to send out French men in smaller groups of perhaps 500. These groups were to run to the East, overcoming most of the obstacles. The Russians were bulked further away from where the French groups went. In 1 month, they would be safely in their desired locations. 25,000 men volunteered for the mission, they all knew the chances but desired to strike the enemy a deadly blow.

                  The remaining men, some 300,000, spread out. Their mission was to attack Russian strongholds, overwhelming them with fire. The new repeaters were capable of firing 5 rounds in 3 minutes time. (Little help there, I think that is the best the timeperiod can offer.) This advantage was known to all, for Russians had run out of the repeaters that their initial attacks ran, most of the carriers dead. The government was straining to keep the soldiers fit with bullets, let alone modern weaponry. The French lines were secured by both British and French ships, other ships went about harassing the Russian merchants. All trade from and to Russia was cut off from most of Europe. Without Europe, Russia will fall.

                  French ships completed

                  8 Armored Cruisers were christened last week after almost a year of construction.

                  French Nation Morale High

                  Anti-Russian Sentiment is running high in France and most of Europe. Demonstrations have been held all over the continent. Young men from age 17 to 35 are filling recruitment offices. It is estimated that in the next months, women may have many jobs men once posessed. Already the bill of enlistees has reached 500,000. This is the highest rate of VOLUNTARY recruitment since Napoleonic Times. It is estimated the government will restrict enlistment in the next month or so.

                  Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
                  Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
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                    OOC: Right, you have 300,000 men in Sweden. The most you could possibly have brought over is 120,000 in the time that has transpiredand. Russians have repeating rifles as well, they also have maxim guns and heavy artillery. Another note Russia did a lot of trade within the empire itself, kind of like the United States until the 1930's. I still have trading partners though, Japan, Turkey, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Germany, the Balkan States, and Persia.

                    I'll post something IC later but for now the advance, though slower than before continues.
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                      Imperial Navy Changes noted and applied!

                      Imperial Navy
                      4 Armored Cruisers
                      12 Ironclads
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                        The United States Governemnt has officialy warned all citizens of the former Republic of Mexico that they are now residents of the US. Therefore, anyone resisting American rule in Mexico now will be charged with Treason and be hanged upon conviction. An Executine order has been passed banning the sale of firearms in territories where the uprising have benn most severe. The US Government will note, however, that any who wish to protest peacefully may do so.

                        To Japan:

                        We are pleased to see your outrage is over. We will accept your agreement to restore diplomatic ties.


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                          His Majesty has ordered the construction of larger shipyards in the cities of Kobe, Fukuoka, Toyama and Kushiro. The resources for our battleships have been set aside, and once the shipyards are completed, we will be able to begin construction on the larger vessels.

                          The front in Manchuria will be stabilized until the Fall, when we will begin an Autumn offensive against the entrenched Chinese. Reserves and Korean militias are undergoing training to supplement our forces and enable us to break out of our own positions.

                          To USA: We offer you a formal apology on the conduct of our nation. We felt threatened by the fact that other nations wished to limit our growth. Though we will not participate in any agreement, we do wish to communicate again. We offer you an alliance and the promise of assistance in any war involving your nations interests and those of the Japanese as well.

                          To Russia: Mobilize your entire army now! Whatever you have that can be fielded must be fielded immediately! We fear that you are about to be invaded by a massive allied army!

                          To France: We offer you an economic alliance and we wish to emphasize our trade with Indochina, as perhaps one day we may purchase the underdeveloped land from your great nation and lead the savages to civilization.

                          Japanese Armed Forces:
                          500,000 Active Troops in Manchuria
                          400,000 Militia Troops in Japan
                          100,000 Korean Militia Troops

                          Japanese Navy:
                          4 Armored Cruisers
                          6 Seaworthy Ironclads
                          6 Coastal Defense Ironclads

                          Note: The ironclads are merely designated for the named service. They are really multipurpose vessels capable of sea or shallow operation for the Japanese Navy.

                          We all know what Sodomy is, but does anyone actually know what Gomorrahmy is? I heard that bible thumpers are nazi hillbillies from Arkansas who crossbred with Martha Stewart and are also the gay lovechildren of Andy Warhol and Godzilla...but i cant remember where...oh wait Satan told me that at my Satan Church "Brainwash Children to be Homosexuals" Convention!


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                            Acting on the Warnings of certain nations, the Russian Armed Forces have been put on full alert and fully activated. Of the twelve current field armies, 2 are in the far east, 4 are in Sweden, and 6 are defending thr Western Rodina. Reserves in the eccess of four million troops are being called up in order to deal with the perceived threat, their training and equipping will take six months and by that time 16 more field armies will be able to be deployed.
                            Even more are available if it comes to that, as the local militia's can be called on that can mobilize a further 8 million men and get them trained and ready within a year.
                            Russia itself is being put on full war alert and its western frontier defences are hurridly being made ready for any coming onslaught of foreign invaders. President Bolo was heard to say, [i]"Let the bastards come, well throw ther worthless frostbitten asses right out like we did the French 70 years earlier.
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