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The Age of Imperialism

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  • The Age of Imperialism

    A completely different and cool story thread idea:

    It is 1885. The great powers of Europe are about to vie for control of colonies across the globe. It is the Age of Imperialism.

    I will try to be mod. I am open to advice and commentary, but only through e-mail or ICQ.

    Basic Rules:
    1. No government changing, though European nations could have socialist revolutions if they lose a war.
    2. Most of Africa and part of Asia is open for imperialism and colonization. Resistance will be light except it those nations shown on the map.
    3. Fleets and armies will be the size that they were in 1885.
    4. Technology will proceed at the same pace it occurred in real life, so don't bother with research.
    5. One day equals one month in thread time.
    6. One post invasions and colonizations are not allowed.

    More detailed rules will be posted if needed.

    If you have a question about realism, please ask me first before posting anything.

    The following nations have been claimed:
    Britain - Mao
    United States - Black Dragon
    Russia - Bolo
    Japan - Gscott
    Germany - me

    May the sun never set on your empire.
    Let the race begin.

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    Army and fleet numbers to come later.
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      Great Job Scott! Oh and people, Scott has very good information on this time period and is very knowledgable about it- and I think this thread has potential to be a great thread! It's a 3:53 AM so I'm going to go to bed soon- so I don't have time for an IC post. So everyone join!

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        I will take the Orange Free State and Transvaal as the United Republic of Orania.
        The establishment of a Hebrew government and the implementation of its plans - this is the sole way of rescuing our people, salvaging our existence and our honor. We will follow this path, for there is no other. We will fight! Every Jew in our homeland will fight!


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          May 23, 1884
          Gatchina, outside St. Petersburg

          Alexander III lay fast asleep in his palace at Gatchina. Truly it was a Fortress more than anything, the former home of his great-grandfather Paul II. It boasted ditches and watchtowers the likes of witch the world had not seen since the middle ages. Truly this was the only place he was safe from the revolutionaries and the liberals that plagued his great Empire. The Pizdi were getting away with too much , they called themselves freedom fighters, they knew nothing of freedom, nothing at all. The reforms his father had made were pointless, these revolutionaries had no respect for kindness. If they saw it they took it as weakness and struck back, his father had learned that the hardest way there was. Soon he would abolish the liberties his Father's kindness had given the Serfs, they had shown they couldn't be allowed an inch, for they would take a mile.
          Already the reactionary policies were being instituted, universities were being scoured for the revolutionaries that thrived on their campuses. These revolutionaries, with their beliefs in representitive government were fools to think they could achieve their goals. Autocracy, Orthodoxy, and Narodnost were the three principles by which Russia would be governed.

          Outside the Czar and Czarina's bed chambers

          "Put another log on the fire Sergei, its freezing in here, but be careful no to awaken the Czar, you know how he gets when he awoken early."
          The Captain of the Czar's personal guard whispered to his second in command.
          "Yes, we all know."
          People that woke the Czar generally didn't like the outcome of their actions, a trip to Siberia was never fun.
          There were five people in the Czar's out chambers, the Captain of the Guard, his second, and three others apart of the Guard.
          The Captain of the Czar's guard, Colonol Nikolai Ulyanov Bolo was the eldest son of a factory owner in Tsarityn. Nikolai was born in 1855, into a wealthy family and was likely to recieve the family business when his father passed away. Things howver did not occur as Nikolai's father had thought they would. At an early agre Nikolai had developed a love for horses, in their summer home on the Crimea he had his very on horse named Windrider. Every summer vacation he would ride Windrider for hours each day, he got to know the terrain so well that he could go for tens of miles. When Nikolai was sixteen Windrider died, Nikolai slid into a depression and not even going to Moscow University could chear him up. During his education at Moscow University Nikolai Ulyanov noticed two things, the revolutionary movement and the army, more specifically the Cavalry. During the course of his three year stay at Moscow, he came to simpathisize with what the revolutionaries stood for. The suffering endured by the serfs may have stopped with their emancipation but the horrid Autocratic regime stifling freedoms had to be stopped. Nikolai joined the movement. He also joined the Army and was immediatly accepted to the Cavalry.
          Upon hearing the news of young Nikolai's decision to opt out of the family business his father with a heavy heart; recognized Nikolai's ambitions lay outside of the textile factories his family owned and operated. He sent his eldest son word of his approval and saw him one more time as a newly minted Leiutenant in the Russian Cavalry. When Nikolai was 20 he heard of his father's passing, and was granted leave to attend the services. Once back in Tsarityn, he was again contacted by members of the revolutionary movement he had joined in university. They saw how valuable his position could be and wanted to know if he would be their mole and pass along information. As a member of the Czar's own armed forces, Nikolai's emotions were conflicted, his loyalties were being pulled in opposite directions. He had taken an oath to a man he didn't believe deserved the powers and title bestowed upon him, he thought the government he served was corrupt. As a mole for the revolutionaries he provided date and times when certain units would be going where and what units were in certain positions. Thanks to Nikolai's information the revolutionaries polanted many bombs that killed many of the aristocracy Nikolai was begining to hate.
          At 23 he had advanced to the rank of Captain, his bravery and skill during the war with the Ottoman's had earned him a great reputation. He had fought along side the Tsarevich himself, and it was rumored saved Alexander IIIs life. By 26 he had achieved the rank of Leiutenant Colonol and many in the Army resented his rapid rise, those aristocratic officers whom he was being promoted over held the biggest grudge of all.
          At 27, Alexander the III had been made Autocrat of all Russia, sole leader, accountable to only God. In may of that year Bolo received a telegram from the Imperial Palace, summening him to visit the Czar himself. Alexander III was promoting Nikolai Ulyanov Bolo to Colonol and making him the Captain of his personal guard. A stunned Nikolai stammered out a thank you to the beaming Czar, suprise awash on his face like ocean on a beach.

          "You ready Sergei?"
          They had been preparing for months now, the two of them would do it together. After Nikolai revealed his true intentions to Sergei after a few too many Vodka's. Luck had been on Nikolai's side that night as Sergei Antonovich Konev was also a supporter of the revolutionaries. At the time Sergei was not a member of Nikolai's guard staff but it had taken little to convince the Czar and Sergei already having a stellar record seemed perfect as second.
          The revolutionaries hadn't known about Nikolai and Sergei being posted together until Nikolai let them know in a secret meeting five months earlier. Armed with this information the revolutionaries had come up with a plan. As soon as was convenient Nikolai and Sergei were to execute it. Three months earlier the revolutionaries had dropped off a small box containing what the tool would be. Upon opening it Nikolai correctly guessed poisen, cyanide to be exact. The revolutionaries planned for the Czar to be fed the poisen and then they would storm the Palace and seize the Royal Family and ship them off to isolation in Siberia.
          That was the plan, and plans rarely go down as they were meant to.
          "Ok guys, take five Sergei and I are going check the Czar and Czarina, you go down to the kitchen for some food."
          Each man readily followed orders, they were hungary and their was no need to worry with Nikolai and Sergei around.
          "Lets do this."
          Both quietly entered the Czar and Czarina's bed chambers, the massive oak doors made not a peep as they were opened to allow Nikolai and Sergei in. They crept across the vast bedroom to where the Czar was sleeping, careful not to wake the Czarina they fed the Czar the poisen. With a slight gurgle, not really audible the Czar swallowed the Cyanide. After making sure Alexander had swallowed both security men left the room, in five minutes the Czar would be dead and in five hours the attack would begin.

          The quiet morning calm was crushed violantly as the alarms went off throughout the Palace.
          "We're under attack!"
          The Czarina was out of bed and on her feet before she was fully concious (sp?)
          "Alexander, wake up, wake up, Alexander wake.."
          Slowly she took a good look at him, oh dear god he wasn't breathing, she checked for a pulse, none, oh god.
          "Help, help me!!! The Czar isn't breathing oh God help me please."
          Nikolai Ulyanov Bolo was the first in the room, followed closely by Sergei and the others.
          "What is it your highness?"
          The Czarina was in tears, she could barely speak.
          The Czar isn't breathing."
          She managed to whisper before collasping herself. Nikolai was quick to react.
          Call the docter!"
          Even though their was nothing any docter could do for the Czar.
          As the docter arrived the Czarina was regaining consiousness and was silently praying for her husbands survival. The docter gave the Czar a once over and then examined him, there was no pulse, the Czar was dead.
          "The Czar is dead, there is nothing I can do."
          The Czarina's silent prayers stopped and her eyes were glazed over, her husband was dead, her life was over, she would stay alive for her children but in effect a great part of her died.

          Outside the palace a great battle was being waged, the forces of the revolutionaries had been gathering strentgh for the past few months. Collecting arms and building up an army to attack the autocratic rule of the Romanov's. Support for the revolutionaries had been growing stronger and when word of the Czar's death reached the peasents the revolt began. Across Russia peasents lead on by revolutionaries were throwing off the shakels of oppresion while the main battle was being waged at Gatchina.
          The Army was helpless its ranke had been infiltrated by revolutionary supporters and so strong was the appeal of representitive government that many Aristocrats were shot attempted to regain command of their units. Starting at Gatchina, riots and revolution spread across Russia. Slowly at Gatchina and elsewhere the forces of Democracy gained an upper hand. Many of the middle grade officers were of the capitalist class, like Nikolai they resented Autocratic rule and wanted a free Russia.
          With the army in chaos the forces of the revolutionaries overwhelmed the defences at Gatchina and rushed inside the Palace. Inside was the Czarina and her family and Nikolai along with Sergei made sure they were treated well. Throughout Russia the battles were dying down, the force of Liberty had triumphed over the forces of Autocracy. Now all that was left to do was to choose an interim leader for the new Republic as it was being dubbed.
          Many leaders of the revolutionary groups believed they deserved to be the leader of Russia until elections were organized and held. But in the end through popular vote the revolutionaries and some peaseants chose Nikolai Ulyanov Bolo as their interem President.

          Interem President Bolo's speech to the People
          Carried by:
          Moscow Newspaper, St. Petersburg newspaper, all other newspapers across Russia.

          People of Russia, the forces of liberty and freedom are triumphant. In a nation that was just a few days ago Autocratic this is truly an immence accomplishment and my gratitude flows to all of you. We could not have done it without the help of all the peaseants and landowners alike and we hope that cooperation will not stop. For Russia has large problems ahead of it. We are just now industrializing, and we are going to begin a trans Siberian railroad that will cost much in terms of wealth and life. Not only these projects but Education is also and important and vital factor for future Russian success. We need an intelligent population to work the factories, the coalmines, and the railroad tracks. We need investment to create more companies and more jobs. Most of all we need a comprehensive foreign policy to help us deal with the challenges outside powers will throw out at us.
          Russia is in transition, we are changing from a rural agrarian society into an industrialized powerhouse and to do that I will need the help of every Russian citizen. Whether they be Arab or Asian, Russian or Ukrainian I need your help to make this great country even better. A dominant Russia benefits everyone and with our natural resources being exported to other nations economies the money we get back will fuel ours. I want to continuen the program of industrialization and I want to continue the capitalistic changes to the economy. Russia needs investment and I believe the best way to get that is to provide a stable and profitable environment for potential investments.
          As a country united we can achieve all the goals I have put forth in this article. I want every Russian to read this because I want all of you to know that I trust that you will help me make this country a better place. I trust that you will allow me to make this nation the power that it deserves to be. And I trust that you will all sign up to the new factories and facilities we build to make a Russia a better place!!
          If they aren't free by now then they can stay in jail


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            I guess I'll take France and give it a go. Was not Nappy the third in power?

            Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
            Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
            The more you know, the more you realize you dont know - Shep


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              I'll give the Netherlands or Sweden a go.


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                I'll take Spain, because the rain falls on the plain.
                But I kick that ball, and I pray it goes straight,
                If it does, then Coach says, "Good job number eight."
                He doesn't even no my name is Andre Kristacovitchlalinski, Jr.
                But that's the life I live...Lonesome Kicker


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                  I claim Italy.
                  "Compromises are not always good things. If one guy wants to drill a five-inch hole in the bottom of your life boat, and the other person doesn't, a compromise of a two-inch hole is still stupid." - chegitz guevara
                  "Bill3000: The United Demesos? Boy, I was young and stupid back then.
                  Jasonian22: Bill, you are STILL young and stupid."

                  "is it normal to imaginne dartrh vader and myself in a tjhreee way with some hot chick? i'ts always been my fantasy" - Dis


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                    I'm still in doubt. But I think I'll go for Ethiopia.


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                      The US at this time: The Gilded Age

                      The Civil war has long been over, and industrialization has taken place on a large scale and is continuing even further. New Immigrants, hoping for a new life in a new world, as well as to live in freedom, are still flocking to the US. Most of the Indians have been cleared out of the west at this point- and are now on reservations. People go west seeking their fortune- some seeking gold- some seeking to farm- some seeking to herd cattle- some seeking to get rich selling to them.

                      New president elect:

                      President James Dragon(Republican)

                      The Republican candidate, winning under the slogan "Prosperity at home- Prestige Abroad"- James Dragon won a promise to help guide the United States to further glory. Called a hawk and a warmonger by his opponents, James Dragon is fought to represent the far militant wing of his party. Winning on a premise similar to that of James Polk's expansionism, and with Republicans winning a 2/3 majority of in the House and Senate, it appears as though the American people are now ready for the glory that comes with empire.


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                        Let's go for a non Scandinavian country. Yes, you heared right, a non Scandinavian country. The Boer Republics.

                        I am Thomas van den Breivick
                        Lo there do I see my father
                        Lo there do I see my mother
                        and my sisters and my brothers
                        Lo there do I see the line of my people
                        back to the begining
                        Lo they do call to me
                        They bid me take my place among them
                        in the Halls of Valhalla
                        where the brave may live forever


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                          OOC: Lets see...


                          French Elections enter final phase

                          The full elections are to be started in several months and the two candidates left are walking Paris, Lyon, and Marseille recruiting their votes. Here is a run-down of the candidates:

                          Lefvebre D'Ginot - A young man of 37 from the city of Lyon. He plans to nationalize much of the nation's factories and wishes to make France both a strong industrial power and a strong agricultural power.

                          Marion D'Leferin - This man is a zealot to many people in France and is a respected statesmen around the continent. His age is that of a ripe 34, young for a President, and he resides outside of Lyon. He is a scholar of Napoleon I and many say he takes him too serious. He plans to make education available at a larger level and also to make France the power of Europe, by peacefull means of course.

                          Any donations can be made as both candidates are making rounds around the civilized country.

                          Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
                          Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
                          The more you know, the more you realize you dont know - Shep


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                            Austria-Hungary. I think it is still a monarchy, correct?
                            "When you tell people where to go, but not where to get there, you'll be amazed at the results."
                            - General George S. Patton


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                              OOC:uhh...Coug I already claimed the Boer Republics...sorry

                              IC:President Linder has ordered Oranian troops into Zululand today, hoping to gain coast for the nation. Linder has announced that after his conquest is complete he will relocate the Zulus to land north of Orania.
                              The Battle of Mbabane
                              Although this region is not populated by ethnic Zulus, the Zulus took it upon themselves to defend it all the same.
                              The Zulus commited a good deal of their forces to defending the town, and that was their first mistake.
                              Oranian forces had nearly all their artillery with them and used it to great effect against the native warriors. The elite Oranians then set out to harass the flanks of the Zulu troops, and harass they did. The Zulus were forced to withdraw troops from the center of their line, and once they did this, a huge charge by the Afrikaners was begun against the Zulu center.
                              Although the Oranians took heavy losses, once they were within rifle range the Zulus began to drop like flies. The Oranians were under strict orders to not get within range of the Zulus spears, and this they did fairly well.
                              After several hours of fierce fighting, the Zulus who survived broke and run. The path to the coast was open to Orania, and the Oranians followed.
                              Oranian soldiers have begun rounding up the Zulus and deporting them to Bechuanaland, although this will not be complete for some time. Small-scale resistance is still occuring in some areas, but in most the Zulus have been defeated.
                              OOC:I now control the area between Orania and the coast, although there is a small amount of resistance which will be wiped out in time.

                              President Linder has signed a new immigration law, allowing unlimited immigrants from Western Europe, the United States, and Canada. He has also increased the number of immigrants allowed in from Eastern Europe, "stating only whites can truly become Oranians, can truly become loyal to Orania. A Russian is as white as a German."

                              Secret to Germany
                              As you have probably noticed, the state of Orania is ideally located to prevent British expansion in South Africa. We beleive that would help your nation very much. However, our nation could withstand a full-fledged British campaign against us. It would be a great help to us if you could provide our nation with modern weaponry and send us German engineers to help us set up our own factories. We would also like to propose a an alliance between our two states. We thank you very much in advance.
                              The establishment of a Hebrew government and the implementation of its plans - this is the sole way of rescuing our people, salvaging our existence and our honor. We will follow this path, for there is no other. We will fight! Every Jew in our homeland will fight!