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    NPC Diplomacy - Spring 39

    From Poland
    To Germany

    Danzig is ours under the League of Nations. You have no right to bully us.

    From Sweden
    To Germany

    Yes, we would accept this agreement with you. We hope to continue trading with you for a long time yet.

    From: Yugoslavia
    To: Italy

    Yes, we hope to continue this pact with you and may we fight side by side for 20 more years!

    From: Communist China
    To: Japan

    We are coming


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      Update: It is now Summer 1939. The next edition of the Daily News will appear in Spring 1940.


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        Deutsches Reich

        To Poland

        The League of Nations is nothing but a bunch of cowards hiding behind the mass. We have left that weak league, so we are not bound to its treaties.
        We demand the return of Danzig, city of the German Reich since eighthundred years, to its rightful owners, the German people!

        Consider this a final ultimatum. Cede us the city of Danzig and a land corridor connecting it to the Reich until July 31th 1939 or face war!

        To Great Britain
        Great Allies, we humbly ask you for support in the Danzig crisis. Do you accept the German claims on Western Poland? This question is crucial to us, and we would give in to you in that affair. Please tell us what you think about it.

        To Italy
        How is Il Duce? How are things running in beautiful Italy?
        The Führer would like to know when his powerful allies will be ready for a war, just in case things go wrong, of course...

        To Slovakia
        We have heard you captured two tank divisions from the Czechs when their pity state was integrated into the Reich. We need them, since the French Bolsheviks are strengthening their army. We believe they´ll strike soon, and we want to be prepared.

        Please send us any military aid you can. German coal shipments and economic aid are on their way to compensate your expenses.
        Heinrich, King of Germany, Duke of Saxony in Cyclotron's amazing Holy Roman Empire NES
        Let me eat your yummy brain! :D
        "be like Micha!" - Cyclotron