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    Actual, maybe it should average with the base skill of the commanding leader. However, absolute skill should be used if the commanding leader is a civilian (like a governor), or maybe there should be an independence boost.


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      In the armor thread, someone asked "Do you really want to micromanage all of the fuel and supply trucks?", or something similar to that. The leader system I've been proposing solves that problem perfectly - you don't. The leaders do. If you REALLY, REALLY want to, and you are on or above the planet, you CAN micromanage it, but you have too much time on your hands.

      I think that any RTS action except space combat in which you are involved should be performed IN THE COMP and nowhere else. You DON'T get to command land combat, but the armor and weapons of a vehicle/infantry/ship affect the outcome. So we have a tactically and strategically sound combat model.


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        about leaders maybe we can use a bit of the shogun: total war idea.....each group of units get a general and that leader gets better after winning and has a bad affect on the troops if it lost. and you could have sons and daughters you put in a leader positition. greatly increasing the moral but putting your legacy in risk....and if they get to famous they could try to overthrow you
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          What about leader mutiny (way too mature and experienced hero greatly disappointed by player's unrealistic long lifetime)?
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