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    how is this going to work...i was thinking of it some time ago and i had the idea of different kind of everone his own national money...with a economical strong faction would have a strong coin and the other way around. so when you dont look out for your economy the prizes will go up due to inflation....etc etc...

    and happines...i was thinking if you are happy with where you are you would be more productive...and visa maybe you could couple what a worker produces. it he is happy he would produce +25% mineral +10%energy and +15% nutrients...and if he is unhappy -25%mineral etcetc. this way you could 'rush' with giving a party in a base...the people would become would cost you but instead of only getting mineral for the money you also get extra nutrients and indirect rush of some kind...

    feedback please!
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    different currencies?
    Too complicated for the player (me ) IMO.

    Happiness....yes it should be there, and it should influence mineral/gold/nutrient income...othe then that, i don't really care how it's done...
    It would be nice if it would have some sort of roleplaying feeling, that if you attack peaceful factions unprovoked, people would get unhappy. Same when you keep a significantly smaller military then your neighbouring faction, who doesn't like you much.
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      I dont think it should have influence on nut/prod/energy when citizens are unhappy, they probably are not given the choice on what they produce. At least, under Stalin it was like that.
      On the other hand, a very low morale of population could lead to an economic crisis due to lack of consumption - but that would only take plave in an unhealthy free market economy, wouldnt it ?

      So these factors would mainly depend on the way economy works : meaning on the social engineering.
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        Happiness would help productivity a little, although I don't think the effect should be as big as 25%. Maybe just a few percent. Equipment upgrades give more productivity for the investment. Just look at productivity figures as computers were integrated into workplaces.

        For money, either it's the SMAC way with universal energy, or a computerized electronic system. Electronic transfers and credit cards do most transactions today already. Maybe colonists would find a rare substance to trade. In any case I don't think it should be as complicated as currencys are today.
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