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    Yes, they have, but never been properly applyed into the practical world. In other words, they have never been really usefull.
    That advance actually allows for teh proper use of it by, for example, allowing for hypergeometrics, measuring of 11 dimensions, etc.


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      The Tech List(s): I like it, I will print it out and start thinking more constructively, thanks!

      measuring of 11 dimensions
      It has not been proven that there are 11 dimensions. It is theorized that there are either 10 dimensions (Some theory), 11 dimensions (M-Theory),
      12 Dimensions (F-Theory).
      Of course I'm just being picky.
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        Well, if that's what you mean by "metamathematics", i.e. some advanced fictional concept that has nothing to do with real metamathematics, then sure. But it'd be like inventing "the wheel" and explaining it away with "yes we've known about wheels, but we've never applied wheels to the real world like this before". In other words, the name "metamathematics" is taken much like "wheel", "writing", "metallurgy", ... etc.


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          Ok After Careful Consideration and several science advisors...

          I like the List but its not correct...

          Warfare is good but Defense is part of Warfare ie: Defense, offense, etc.

          Construction could be considered Engineering. For a shorter simple word.

          Biology and Health = a no no. Biology is totally different from Health. Agro Science could be a catagory it is the science in which we have agriculture techs...

          Sociology = yes. But its more of a go into Social Sciences catagory.

          Economy and industry... Industry is not the same as Economy. They would be better apart. Economy as money techs and Industry different one too. Perhaps Industry can fall under Engineering?

          Politics and Diplomacy = Another no no... Diplomacy is part of Politics and also is communism, republic, foreign relations, etc.

          mathematics and Physics = No because Physics is in no way Math. It has of course Calculus but it has to do with how every thing works. Mathematics and Physics are seperate.

          Chemistry and Refining = nope... Chemistry deals with Chemicals. Refining is more with Geology. Agro Science would deal with goods from the land.

          Arts and Literature = Perfect, thanks for this new one.

          Now I dont want to act like I'm making negative comments about your list. I'm just correcting them and I added some other ones that you put, so it wasn't in vain. Thanks for the new ones.

          The other techs are to be discussed later with the other long list(s). So I'll keep them away till the Catagories are done.

          So far here is the list updated with the ones I and my advisors thought were nessacary...
          - Warfare

          - Biology

          - Chemistry

          - Physics

          - Mathematics

          - Computers

          - Social Science & Philosophy

          - Astronomy

          - Ecology -

          - Forensic

          - Engineering

          - Geology

          - Oceanography

          - History

          - Meteorology

          - Art & Literature

          - Health

          - Industrial


          - Agro science

          - Politics
          Naval Imperia Designer


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            I can't think of any sensible advances in this category.


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              Actually engineering is the designing part of construction.
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                History: Archeology, Beastology ~ The study of the ancient remains of The Beastmasters?, Ancient Texts ~Moral Advance, The Societies intelligence is hightened by history. Etc.

                About the Engineering well good point. I will look up some information on that. Engineering and Construction should that be it then? For the time being I suppose?

                Thanks for the feedback.
                Naval Imperia Designer


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                  I don't think that the remains of ancient civilizations justifies a separate disciple of history (or archeology) because every advance that can be extracted from the possible ruins will fall into one of the other categories... and purely historical knowledge would go under arts and literature (old myths, etc.) or social sciences.


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                    uuhm why do you debate about ancient civs as a research category, the humans barely escaped from earth, they dont have any ancient artifacts from earth with them. and as leland says everything learned from them would fall into other categories.
                    and social information on ancient alien civs might be obtained from the talshians.
                    Truly great madness cannot be achieved without significant intelligence.
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                      ps I dont think there should be more than 6 or 7 different categories of sciences, or else it would be to complicated.
                      Truly great madness cannot be achieved without significant intelligence.
                      -Henrik Tikkanen