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    Please excuse my ignorance on the subject but, this Stella Polaris, is it a project you are undertaking, to be programed, like the case of Clash of Civilization?

    If so, well then, if there is anything I can offer as help I would be glad to. I have very basic programing knowledge, so I can't be usefull in that area, but this head of mine is always overflowing with ideas for these kind of games.
    Anyway, as Leland pointed, good luck, and keep on the good work.


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      Ok the current situaition of StP is Pre-Alpha. The only part that has been programmed is the Map Editor. The game is still being designed. Its defintely not far along as Clash. I wish you a good time on the forums!

      If your interested in joining the team then email Rasbey at this:

      Send a free application in which you state what you could offer and what you would like to work with.

      Also Visit us on Sourceforge!
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        Thanks for your interest, Thiorn!
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