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Dictator 3 - Awaits Your Command!

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  • Dictator 3 - Awaits Your Command!


    Here are the links!

    Enjoy the guts and glory of war!
    And may the most evil hegemony win!

    Many thanks to all who playtested and advised me, and most of all to the uber-talented contributors!
    ...Without whom this scenario would have been nowt more than a dream!

    This one is for youse!

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    Looks fantastic, Curt, need any hex work done here?


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      Old chap, If you wish to work your hex genius on the global warming, I would be most grateful!


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        Congrats on releasing the scenario.

        I'll have to take this baby for a spin. . .



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          Great scen, curt
          Trying to rehabilitateh and contribuing again to the civ-community


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            It should work just fine, but if any problems come up, give me a buzz.
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              Yer the hex man!


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                Very nice Curt, I like the diplomacy option.


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                  I've just downloaded it at home. On thursday i have the last mid term, so i'll give it a try then.

                  Keep up the good work
                  Indifference is Bliss


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                    I just Downloaded the scenario. This looks great .
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                      Thanks, guys!


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                        Curt, I want to say you that scen is wonderful. I'm playing it at British and having a very, very fun time. Playing as British is very curious, because the American AI isn't very helpful, and the Russies and the Axis are not in war! I've advanced into Europe, mainly in Norway and Albany, because France, Spain, etc are very well protected by Nazi's AI.

                        Only a little point: isn't there a better British tank that the Matilda??

                        Here I attach a map, where you can see I've taken over Iran and Afghanistan in order to connect India and the Near East. I'm in war with Japan and Germany, and I've advance in some Europeans fronts, but I'm far away from liberating the continent. The Americans are losing a buch of units each turn in Spain (she has been conquered by the AI) and in the Asian SE, where I've made some advances and I still mantain Hong kong (mainly because the airlift command and the canadian units!) The Russies have conquered Turkey and have divided Eastern Europe with the nazis while Bulgary is still free. From time to time, Japan attacks Rusia only to lose some planes in Vladivostok.

                        North Africa has been the most interesting theater (not surpirse here) for me, as British. When I expelled the nazis from theirs North Africa last country (Tripoli), they went in war with Neutrals in order to have another base in North Africa, and they entreched there until I expelled them from the continent.

                        The firsts turns they conquered Greece, but I've been able to strike back until Tirana, but I don't think I'll mantain that conquest. Other thing is Scandia, where Norway and Finland have fallen to British troops, except Oslo.

                        (this map was made with Automap feature of CivDip2 3.0 - still in BETA)
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                        Trying to rehabilitateh and contribuing again to the civ-community


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                          I forget to say that Japan have conquered most of China before going into war against me, but as I, preemptively, conquered Burney, they have had a hard time in order to break my lines
                          Trying to rehabilitateh and contribuing again to the civ-community


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                            What an excellent battle report!

                            I hope you found the Lancaster and Typhoon useful?


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                              Thanks curt for the scen and the cumpliments...

                              Lancaster is way off my better weapon, specially to stop the nazis in the Mediterran and to repel Japanese movements. I also found very useful the Commando, in order to paratroop into cities emptied by the Lancaster... Typhoon isn't very useful I think because the Spitfire are good enough to keep the wolves at bay... And for other things i've the Lancaster

                              I think that British is probably one of the most challenging sides to play
                              Trying to rehabilitateh and contribuing again to the civ-community