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    Yes it is...

    Give a unit a movement rate of 171 for a movement rate of 1/3. Since a unit can always move at least one square, this unit would always move just one square per turn, even on roads.

    A movement rate of 86 becomes 2/3. Such a unit would move 1 per turn, or 2 on roads.

    I think those supply units for ships aren't a very good idea, by the way. I don't mind some very simple "house rules" as used in some scenarios (e.g. no building cities, no bribing units), but anything more than that will simply be way too tedious, IMHO.

    But since it's mostly for SP games, anyone can really decide for himself which restrictions he wants to respect anyway.
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      Give a unit a movement rate of 171 for a movement rate of 1/3. Since a unit can always move at least one square, this unit would always move just one square per turn, even on roads.
      Awesome. Now the question is, does it make logistical and realistic sense for a Caravan to be slower than a whole unit of infantry, what with their tents and supplies and such?

      I don't know if I think supply units for ships are necessarily a BAD idea -- it's actually kind of a neat idea -- but I would personally find it too cumbersome.


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        If you need to play with more ideas about fractional movement, you can calculate the integers to put in @UNITS with this Fractional Movement Calculator. It's based on Leon Marick's analysis of William Keenan's work. The integer is derived from the road bonus, which also determines the highest possible movement factor for any unit.

        Have to admit, tracking supplies aboard a ship turn after turn would stretch my patience.

        Slowing down caravans will likely hinder pre-RR trade, but it will also affect your WoW building rate during that period.
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          @Sore Loser

          Have you made further progress on this project? Apart from the supply for ships I am quite interested to see such a radical overhaul of the game, despite my inability to do early landings (I can't wean myself off oversized maps).

          Also, it strikes me after reading the early landing strategy that there is a requirement for a scenario based on this to act as a tutorial to help players understand the principles behind Early Landing. I'm toying with the idea, but not having yet completed one and without examples of game-logs with corresponding saves to back-track the game progression this is nigh impossible.
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            Personally, I haven't found the supply thing for ships to be terribly cumbersome, ie. remembering to do it every turn and keeping track of different ships. Once you get used to the concept, you quickly get into the habit of disbanding a supply unit before moving a ship (which didn't start the turn in a city).

            No, I haven't made any progress since last post. I keep running into confining walls limiting what I can change, unfortunately. Specifically, I'm not having much luck making the AI adjust to the changes, so the whole thing may well be useless for SP. I still think it has merit for MP, though. Besides, I'm still toying with daydreams of making my own online strategy game. I've progressed quite a bit there, but Apolyton is hardly the right forum to post about it.


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              There are several games on this site under development. Go check out the Alternative Civs forums, for ideas and advice, or encouragement if nothing else.
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