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New Scenario: "Atomic Eagle"

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  • Originally posted by Harry Tuttle
    Lieutenant Arthedain
    I'm honoured. And I'm also looking forward to this scen. It seems great
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    It can only be achieved by understanding"


    • Sure Curt, you got it. Arthedain I'm glad you like it.


      • o cmon, u gotta include lft marks sumwher, it wud be nice to include a REAL army officer.....
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        • Alright! Everyone gets included. Someone make a list...

          Ok, I must have made a snafu somewhere. I remember this being a big problem with the event editor, but somehow I managed to trip over it. I have an event file that was made using Windows Notepad. Unfortunately, when I make it the only event file in the Atromic Eagle folder the scenario defaults to the original event file, even though the original has been deleted. And yes, I deleted the backup event file too.

          Will I have to go back and redo the events using the event editor in-game, or is there some really neat way to fix all of my problems in one fell swoop?

          Gurus, I need your help. I made a tremendous amount of headway today, but this event problem is putting a wrinkle in my natural designer high.


          • Advice!

            DO NOT use the events editor in-game!

            Download PFE (programmer's file editor) and change the events manually.

            The scenario editor is very sucky and ruins files.
            I fear your events may be lost...I hope someone proves me wrong.

            But I cannot stress the point enough, manually created file edits are far more reliable!


            • Harry, just use the Delevent.exe on your save file(drag your save over it).

              It will clear any previous events.You can find it in the microprose CD.
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              • Thanks guys, I got it working! Thank god I had the foresight to make a copy of my events file.


                • Smart man!

                  Backups are a must!!!


                  • Update: Events for Chapter 1 complete. Next comes the fun part, building the tech tree and identifying unit parameters.

                    Is it bad when I spend three hours at work typing event files and plot twists?

                    Did I mention that no two games will be the same?

                    I plan to get a good dose done this weekend. Should be easy stuff...

                    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


                    • 3 hours isnt bad if you can disguise it as some project related to your work

                      Anyway, happy thanksgiving to you too!
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                      • personally, I find the most intersting aprt of Alternative History about the Third Reich is one where Hitler survives, and begins his fanatical work on re-building Europe, from the new Hitleropolis he would have build in Linz, to the mighty Autobahn he would build stretching into the East...
                        "bear yourselves as Huns of Attila"
                        -Kaiser Willhem II


                        • Well I don't know. He really didn't really have many places to go after WW2. I mean, the guy was a fanatical dictator for sure, but his vision for a future reich was just one with big, plain buildings, a job for all the german folk, and crappy ones or death for the "undermenschen". Besides his obsession with hi-tech military machines and taking over the world his vision of the future was as sterile as can be. In fact, I just read Harry Turtledoves' "In the Presence of Mine Enemies" and I think that his portrayal of a world with Hitler is a good summation of what would have hapened - A police state, run by long viscious regimes, dependent on other countries for resources, too wound up in Nazi propaganda to have any real sort of society. Blah!

                          The only reason why WW2 and the Nazis were so different from other wars and other militaristic regimes was the fact that they were out to destroy the society as we know it - and almost succeeded. They used hi-tech weapons, new styles of warfare, and fought some of the most charismatic leaders our countries have ever known. Besides that, and the incredible death they left behind, there is nothing really all that special. Yes, I concur, the autobahn was an engineering marvel and looks, even today, like one hell of a fun ride, but after that, it's just a road. And, at least for me, big domes are only good for the Super Bowl and teams named after Blue Jays.

                          The only really interesting Nazis I know of are not really the "party-minded" ones. Take for instance Rommel, Mannheim, and Von Braun. Two generals and a scientist/engineer. Their careers were spent doing things we can look at and say: yes, I can admire that. With Hitler I can't do that. He was only good at politics and providing a vehicle for bad men to do bad things.


                          • Well said, Harry!

                            Hitler took all the genius, manpower and potential of a great nation
                            and handed it over to maniacs who made a junk heap out of Europe.



                            • Ok, this is a new one...

                              I have an event that creates two units when a "signal flare" is killed. Problem is that once these units are created they seem to be made out of the mythical element either, as they disappear as soon as I view another part of the map. If I do not move my view, the units remain intact and moveable. Keep in mind there is nothing special about these units. They are ground attack units.

                              What ze hell is going on?

                              Edit - Ok, now I can left click by the spot where they diappeared and they reappear, but only as long as I don't move my view again. There is some displacement of the terrain graphics behind the disappearing units. I do have an event that diplays two text files in the same turn... That may be screwing something up.
                              Last edited by Harry Tuttle; December 2, 2003, 15:51.


                              • I think that hapens when the square on wich the unit is created dose not exist. Im probobly wrong thow.
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