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    How i enable civ2 to have one civilization advance (e.g. conscription) to have different types of units (e.g. different infantry units for different countries)?

    Thanks in advance

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    Create a "No tech" for every civ, and make it the tech necessary to make this unit obsolete. I can hardly explain this, so here's an example:
    You have a tech, f.e. Warrior Code, and want a Persian and a Mede warrior. Make the prerequisite for both "Warrior Code". Then, create two techs, and name them "Not Persian" and "Not Mede". Give the former to the Medes and the latter to the Persians.
    Make "Not Mede" making the Medes obsolete, and "Not Persian" making the Persians obsolete. Hope this explanation is easy to understand...
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      i´ll give it a try and tell you then if it worked

      thanks for thy quick reesponse


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        You do it by giving the civ expiration techs for units that you do no want to appear. Note that Civ's handling of this is buggy and this can prevent the AI from selection build items properly.
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          Gigamap of Europe

          another question: is there a gigamap of europe in the web? i would like to have a rather big but well-detailed gigamap of the "ole world"?

          thanx in advance


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            Hey Jim what scenario you working on?
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              the history of the ottoman empire. and my head is still full of ideas ....