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  • Will become busy

    Hi folks. The Secret Project is going great; almost all units are drawn (taking close to three hours each) and the art is still getting there for cities, icons, etc. I have the text events typed up in Word, waiting until I do the events file, the rules are all set, cities placed, irrigation, roads placed, etc.

    I think I shall reveal the Secret Project soon to gain ideas from the community.

    Anyways, some good news. Yesterday I became engaged.

    Thus, time will be short. Although she had to catch a plane last night, she will be back with vengeance at planning a huge wedding.


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    May I be the first (on this forum ) to say congatulations!

    Will be good to finaly see what you have being working on for so long

    BTW good luck with the wedding too

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      Congratulations Polaris.....and we will miss you. The interesting thing about becoming a partnership is how quickly the priority list changes!
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        Congratulations, and may the scenario be successful as it sound like it deserves to be.
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          Hehe, thanks folks. Kull: now, if I have a kid, his first words will be "Civilization II," not daddy or mommy.
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          And contribute if you can!