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Historical question(s) for Kyokujitsu

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  • Historical question(s) for Kyokujitsu

    What aircraft were flown by the Chinese and Japanese from 1937-1940, and could I get some pictures/links/stats of these aircraft?

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    Actually I reall just need Chinese Aircraft from 1937-1945


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      well I know of Col. Chennault's "Flying Tigers" mercenaries. They flew something, but you could have them as a unit. The Chinese airforce was in pretty bad shape and not modernized, so they probably had biplanes, but don't trust me on that one.
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        Yup, Chennault, you said? the same "Black sheeps" squadron Chennault?
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          No, the "Black Sheep" were Pappy Boyington's squadron flying Corsairs in the Pacific as far as I know. General Chennault took over the American Airforce in China, the "Flying Tigers" who flew those Curtiss P-40s with the Tiger teeth painted on the nose. He took over in July 1942 but the Flying Tigers had been around since 38 or 39, I think, as a volunteer force of Americans helping the Chinese.


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            I know about the flying tigers... I really need to know what p.o.s. aircraft the Chinese flew. Not the tigers.


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              Yeah the flying tigers were about 41-42 anyway, but from what I know the chinise airforce was small and largely used for reconniance (sp?) and was certainly not on par woth the japanise (sp?), I dont know too much about the actual planes but I should imagine they were 1920-30s British and French designs (but don't quote me on that)
              well hope this helps

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                IIRC the nationalist air force was huge in manpower, but greatly lacked any type of equipment. That doesn't help you much does it? sorry
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                  Okay... from what I gathered from my Pacific General CD...

                  Gloster Gladiator
                  P-40 Flying Tiger
                  P-40 Warhawk

                  TACTICAL BOMBERS
                  Martin B-10B

                  Vickers 6-Ton B
                  VCL M1931
                  L3/35 Tankette

                  I don't suppose those years are wholly accurate. I guess they could mean they appeared no later then the year quoted. As for pictures, I've no idea... I hope that's some help...

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                    Thanks a bunch my friend!