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    As anybody who has seen me post in the last couple of years knows, I've announced a number of scenario projects that died for various reasons. I am currently in the state that I'm vacant of a scenario idea to keep me hooked, so I'm hoping for suggestions by others as of what to do next. This has proved to be quite helpful in the past -at least two of my scenarios arouse from such polls. I've got a few ideas, but I'm not going to walk around spilling news about something that I'll never finish again. So, if anybody has some ideas, please post them. There are just a few criteria:

    1. No WWII!!!!!!! I think there are enough scenario makers out there who are more competent on this subject than I am. Likewise, I won't make anything about a 20th century war. It simply isn't my period of interest and knowledge (the only thing I might get myself pulled into would be a colonial struggle).

    2. No solely war-based game. I don't mind if there's warfaring in it, but it shouldn't be something that would be described as a wargame. Maybe an invasion with a limited amount of troops, something like an adventure scenario, would be interesting, but that's pushing it. It should be something which involves cultural development, the rise and/or fall of civilizations.

    3. If it is avoidable, nothing involving the Middle East or Persia. I think I've done enough on that subject. If there is a big public demand for it, I might reconsider, however.

    4. Nothing about German history. It's not interesting to me, and I don't want to make anything about it. Full stop.

    5. Pre-gunpowder age would be preferred, but not necessary.

    I hope to see some fruitful input here. Thanks in advance.
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    Well, the rise and possible fall of the Inca empire perhaps?

    Does it have to be historical? Can it be fantasy?
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      Doesn't have to be historical, but I'm not that much of a fantasy freak. Inca empire sounds interesting, I wonder what interesting and original ideas that may hold.

      BTW, I won't be able to start serious work on this in the next two months because my final exams are coming up.
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        How about a scenario about the age of exploration? Itc ould go from 1450 - ????, and the main players would be Spain, France, England, and China.


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          Fall of the roman empire? I love Mark Laanen's scenario, but I'm sure you could create a great one.
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            I have no idea what's out there, but I'm guessing there are already plenty of scenarios on the Peleponnesian War? If not, as I remember my history, it lasted long enough to allow some social development.
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              Good idea Elok. I know Alex Moor made a scenario about it but I didn't like the map, it was too small.
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                Search for the source of the White Nile.
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                  Hi Stefan
                  I am thinking of starting my 3rd civ2 scen, about the war between the empire and bulgaria, during the reign of Basil II (the so called slayer of bulgars). Are you interested in any sort of collaboration? (anything to keep me from doing everything on my own!) At leasst i already have most of the byzantine units from my scen about Thessalonike


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                    I support Jasev's and ShakaNaldur's proposal: fall of Roman Empire (especially with all those new roman units by Fairline and others guys - so yoiu can concentrate yourself only on the scenario ...)
                    Varwnos's proposal is good,too: BasiliosII (Bulgaroktonos... poor Bulgars ) was one the best and more war-busy biz emperors.
                    A personal proposal by me: the dawn of ETRUSCANS.
                    I remember I downloaded an Etrusker scenario (with BebBro graphics) from a German civ2 site, but... It was in Deutsch language...
                    It didn't sound bad, but you could make another one, more empire-building...
                    Civs: Etruscans(obv!), Greeks, Phoenicians, Celts, Italics, Latins, others. Age: VIII-V century bC.

                    Agree with you about AlexMor's Peloponnesian war (not only for the map, but it was VERY far from historical war. Ehy, be clear: AlexMor remain a MAGNIFICENT scen creator!!!).
                    So it's a long time I was thinking for another one (I like Greek history very,very much). But I have VERY slow work rhythms...
                    So if Stefan is quicker, welcome and do a good job!
                    Btw, my Peloponnesos project was a only-WAR scen...

                    Bye All!
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                      It is difficult not to focus mostly on war in any scen, certainly hard work to make war a subplot and not the main activity in the game, and i havent managed to do that. However theoretically there are some basic ways to do this, for example you can limit units to defencively strong ones, and have offensive ones appear through events or research etc, but still the level of micromanagement perhaps isnt that great so that one can feel confident in focusing in non-war aspects, since that is mostly an illusion i think. Basil II would easily be about war though anyway heh


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                        Once You promessed me a collaboration on Heraclius

                        But OK. No Persia. Don't care for other comments. Wait for mine, until I make up my mind what You should be doing, and follow my orders.

                        I do not have all that many propositions right now;
                        First punic war (no scns up to today, and You might be interested in the subject, as You did a Third Punic War scn)

                        Damn. Rest of my ideas is located in Middle East.
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                        Middle East!


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                          How about a scen set on a totally different planet - no humans, but perhaps a set of biologically different alien races?

                          All with their own units and improvements?


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                            Well, I believe its always best if one creates a scenario about something historical that hasn't been focused on in a scenario before. Thus the various epochs of roman empire would imo not be a interesting choice.

                            I was personally in the same position a few days ago. Now however I found something of an idea. Its about the british conquest of india. Thus between Stefans Mughal scenario and Michael Daumens Great Game.
                            The key idea will be empire building + exploration. Somewhat inspired by Stefans Artaxerxes. Also the british troops will be superior but very costly and thus enabling the various indian nations (most importantly Mysore and Marathas) to swarm the brits with troops and thus reflecting the real strenght and weaknessess of the two sides.

                            I've many ideas but one of the key issues still havent been decided. Will I allow diplomacy or not? This was historically a place full of diplomacy and alliances and it could enable the player to seek multiple paths. I am also thinking of multiple events and thus enabling some diplomacy in some periods but not in others.

                            Anyway, back to subject . Stefan find something original that you really is interested in. Some ideas:

                            Manchu conquest of China
                            Possibillity here to make a truly exotic scenario if one put down a lot of effort in unit graphics (or let someone else do it).

                            Coowork with me on my scenario. If not I'd still like a few ideas on how to make set the atmosphere really indian.

                            The Japanese empires road from feudal nation to industrialized nation

                            The scottish quest for freedom during 15-18th centuries

                            Or perhaps about the rise of some more unknown empire. Like in the area of Burma-Thailand.