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Does anyone have this wave file?

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  • Does anyone have this wave file?

    If anyone can help me, I need a silent, split-second wave file to silence the 'Fire!' in artillery unit slots, effectively making them armor slots. Does anyone have (or can anyone make) such a file, as I'd be deeply thankful.

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    Attached you can find a blank FIRE wav file you can use. By the way, in my scenario "Blitz over Europe" I combined the FIRE sound with some of my tank sounds. Examples you also can find in my zip file.
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      Thanx a lot, Steff. That should really help.


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        If you want to be really space efficient, you can make one yourself. Simply make an empty file and make it a .wav file...

        One way to do it is to right-click your Desktop, select New, to make a new file. Select "New text file" (or whatever it is) and rename it to "silent.wav" or so.

        That wouldn't really be a valid wave file, but civ2 likes it just fine.
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