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Map Editing... any other programs?

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  • Map Editing... any other programs?

    Are there any other map editors equal to the one included with Civ2 MGE? For some odd reason, mine keeps crashing when I try to load/save a map. I'm getting a Kernel32.dll error. I tried re-installing CIV2 3 times, as well as editing my config.sys file and deleting my win386.swp file so it would build a new database. I'm stumped as to my problem. I'm running a P3 933MHz with a GEForce2 MX 64bit accelerator card, with the NVIDA drivers if anyone has any ideas. I set my graphics accelerator to medium... still no luck. Frustrating, since I'm trying to get my Iraq map done!

    BTW, the game works fine... the map editor is what's crashing.

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    You could try the Test of Time map editor on my site:

    You can simply unzip the files in your Civ2 folder. It's really just a sligtly adjusted version of the MGE map editor though, so there's a fair chance you'll get the same error.

    I have no idea what the problem could be...
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      It worked! Thanks a million!


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        Yup. It looked like the error i had with one of the two versions of the map editor. Mercator sure is a genius. (or at leasts had a very good idea in providing a Map editor with required files)
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          are there any better map editors, ie. some which can operate a copy and paste function
          you see, i have made the base for a Europe Gigamap
          only problem is it excludes Ireland and Western Spain/Portugal. Offcourse I'm making a WWII scenario and so i thought it not important
          But naturally, other people do need these places on the map, and do not need the Urals (which are included on my map)

          Does anyone know of any better/other map editors
          Those who have seen the Eurasia map (adapted version of Europe map which cuts off some of north africa and adds eastern russia/china/japan)
          I am sure that map was not started from scratch?

          So please help, for the sake of a europe gigamap
          I will go on an internet search now, if I find any good map editors (provided there are some) i will report here


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            At the same site I mentioned above, you can also find MapEdit. That's probably the thing you're looking for.

            It can extend the map size, among many other things.

            (And if you searched for it, you might well have found it yourself by now, I hope)
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