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Dictator 3 - War Is Erupting!

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  • Dictator 3 - War Is Erupting!

    Once again, Panzers roll over the Russian border, Japanese warriors battle across China,
    Spitfires scream to defend Britain and US bombers fearlessly thunder across nazi-occupied skies.
    But this time it all looks so much prettier!

    As you might have guessed, this is the next incarnation of my Dictator series of WW2 scenarios.
    Featuring many new graphics by all the current graphic aces; including stupendous new units by master craftsman, Fairline!

    Also major thanks to; Dannyevilcat, Tanelorn, Harry Tuttle and of course Nemo!

    The new scheme of things are geared to keeping single and multi-players happy.
    Gone is the V2 system, replaced with one more akin to my previous scenario, Bitterfrost.
    Techs are along traditional lines, and war is simply a matter of declaring it with units.
    The main strength of D3 is the fair mix of new units and the intelligent design of rules.

    Some civs have special improvements, some have super units, some have cheap units.

    But why listen to this old shell-shocked veteran?
    Soon you will be able to play and find out for yourself!

    Current Dictator 3 features;
    As always - New events, rules and sounds.

    And - New extra units and graphics.

    All major sides are playable and suitable for MP battles.

    Diplomacy and limited government changes are available.

    High cost and unit attrition is such that the 'too many units' limit is not a problem.

    Allies are aggressive...The UK Russia and USA really battle for victory!

    Japan and the Third Reich are well balanced. No easy triumph!

    New unit sheilds for all national and generic units.

    Allies frequently strike and sieze cities!

    Many frantic and lethal battles!

    And much more!
    Dictator 3; Units

    These units are generic and can be built by all playable civs.

    AA Battery

    Light Tank
    Anti-Tank Gun
    Heavy Artillery

    Aircraft Carrier
    Atomic Bomber

    The Empires:

    The war masters of 1940, the well-trained Reich forces are formidable.
    During play, you may encounter any of these German units:

    Wehrmacht (Good Quality Infantry)
    Fallschirmjäger (Elite Airborne Division)
    Waffen SS (Elite Quality Infantry)
    Panzergrenadiers (Good Armoured Infantry)
    Panzerkampfwagen IV (Good Medium Tank)
    Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger (Good Heavy Tank)
    Panzerkampfwagen V Panther (Superb Medium Tank)
    Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger II (Good Heavy Tank)
    Messerschmitt 109 (Great Piston Engine Fighter)
    Messerschmitt 163 (Good Rocket Fighter)
    Messerschmitt 262 (Superb Jet Powered Fighter)
    Junkers 87 Stuka (Good Attack Dive Bomber)
    V2 Ballistic Missile (Powerful Missile)
    E-Boat (Nasty Attack Vessel)

    The Empire of Japan has great strength, but relies on long-range weapons.
    During play, you may encounter any of these Japanese units:

    Imperial Marines (Good Quality Naval Infantry)
    Type 97 Chi-Ha Tank (Good Light Tank)
    Type 3 Chi-Nu Tank (Good Medium Tank)
    A6M2 Zero (Good Piston Engine Fighter)
    Ki-100 Tony (Superb Piston Engine Fighter)
    Aichi D3A Val (Good Attack Dive Bomber)
    Yamato Super Battleship (The Last Word in Naval Power)

    The arsenal of democracy, America's units are reliable and inexhaustible!
    During play, you may encounter any of these American units:

    GI Infantry (Good Quality Infantry)
    US Marines (Good Quality Naval Infantry)
    M4 Sherman (Good Medium Tank)
    M26 Pershing (Good Heavy Tank)
    P38 Lightning (Great Piston Engine Fighter)
    P51 Mustang (Superb Piston Engine Fighter)
    B17 Flying Fortress (Good Heavy Strategic Bomber)

    The military of a great empire, Britain's colonial forces are varied but battle-ready.
    During play, you may encounter any of these British units:

    British Infantry (Good Quality Infantry)
    Commandos (Elite Quality Infantry)
    Matilda MkII Tank (Decent Medium Tank)
    Comet Tank (Good Medium Tank)
    Supermarine Spitfire (Superb Piston Engine Fighter)
    Hawker Typhoon (Superb Piston Engine Fighter)
    Lancaster Bomber (Superb Heavy Bomber)

    The Soviet Union has near-limitless manpower, and has many solid, no-nonsense weapons.
    During play, you may encounter any of these Russian units:

    Red Army (Good Quality Infantry)
    Guards (Superb Quality Infantry)
    T-34 Tank (Superb Medium Tank)
    Josef Stalin Tank (Good Heavy Tank)
    Katyusha Rocket Artillery (Superb Artillery unit)
    I-16 Polikarpov (Decent Piston Engine Fighter)
    Yak Fighter (Superb Piston Engine Fighter)
    Stormovik (Terrifying light Bomber)


    Curt Sibling, (Enemy Ace)
    Oct 2003.

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    The current version of the units...

    Many thanks to all contributors, especially fairline, for making the best artillery and Me109 ever!
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      Those new Fairline units look fantastic.

      Bloody hell Curt, you're prolific. Do you ever sleep?
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        Looks promising! Keep up that good work!

        Btw, I hope that the Lancaster is WAY stronger than the B-17 ..... this time ;-)


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            The title looks amazing and the graphics looks great! Can't wait for this one!
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            It can only be achieved by understanding"


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              I can't wait for it!


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                I hope to make it 150% fun game play!


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                  I hope this doesn't affect the schedule for Bitterfrost ToT.
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                    Curt, here's an idea. Maybe you should make some events for post-WW2, through 1955, or the end of the Korean War, 1953...just something to seperate D3 from D1 and D2..


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                      Art, there was Soviet Steel.

                      Curt, this sounds absolutely fantastic.


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                        Yep, D3, is the latest episode in my floundering attempts to create a great WW2 scen!

                        And techumseh, don't you worry!
                        Dictator 3 is 98% complete anyway, I was working on this one for a while!


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                          Yippie! What's the last 2 percent?


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                            Just a few little rules and events tweaks!