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    *usually* irrigate, but I suspect you could modify the AI behaviour. For example, make mining more/less rewarding, or set mining to "never" in the govt prereq if you wanted to disable mning altogether.

    This is just my opinion so far, and not backed by empirical data *apart* from the observation from a recent scenario of mine that the AI loves irrigating.

    What are you getting at here?
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      I am toying with the idea of having every large patches of the same terrain. This means they must all be irrigatble as well as minable. But if the AI doesn't mine then the idea doesn't work.
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        Originally posted by kobayashi
        I am toying with the idea of having every large patches of the same terrain.
        What do you mean? Same amount of bonusor same amount of time to Irrigate/Mine?
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          Well, the AI can certainly mine... Hills can both be mined and irrigated, but the AI mostly (only?) mines them.

          The only problem could be that the AI always picks the same option for a terrain type, rather than what would suit its needs most.

          That is, it might mine one terrain and irrigate another, but it will always choose the same action for a given terrain type.

          I'm not entirely sure about that, though. Maybe it actually makes a somewhat intelligent choice, mining some squares and irrigating others.
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