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  • Looking for something new

    I have played Civ II and AC a lot but I dont like the detailed hazling with settlers anymore. Thats why I prefer the CTP serie over the Civ serie.

    The last few years I have played some RTS games but they are more a fast mouse-click game than real strategy thinking game.

    Thats why I am looking from a new turn-based strategy game but it seems that this type of game is not improved over the last 5 years. I never bought the newer versions of Civ an CTP because they arent a big improvement over these older games. Also EU is a disappointment because of the bad graphics, sound etc.

    So, my cry to the developer studios: create a new much improved turn-based strategy game for the older and experienced player!

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    You don't like EU?
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      Although not very creative, think about a game combining the best gameplay elements from CTP, EU and Imperialism II, with top notch graphics, sound and 3D camera control.


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        Rise of Nations looks like it will be an interesting and original blend of TBS and RTS gaming traditions.
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          Try Kohan.
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