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Which game(s) are you looking most forward to?

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    1. Sims Unleased
    2 PTW
    3. RCT 2
    4. Sim city 4
    5. The Sims--PS2
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      Besides games which are already out. But won't play until I finish all of the games I'm presently playing.

      1. Sea Dogs 2
      The first had glaring omissions, (Cardboard NPCs, tedious trading model, lack of random missions ala pirates, poor ally AI) But the sequel appears to be addressing many of these issues (You can pick a fight with anyone in town, a random quest generator, better ai, revised trading model with supply and demand) plus it's gorgeous. I few downsides though, you have to play as one of two characters (I think), and there is only one grand campaign. Seadogs had 4.

      Knights of the old Republic. A bioware Starwars RPG. :drool:
      Mideval Total War. I understand it's almost gold
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        Where in Michigan you from General Ike?
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          1.) Medieval: Total War (Been looking forward to this since before I knew they were making it)
          2.)America's Army (Well, I'm looking forward to more bits of it getting released)
          3.) MOO3 (Looking forward, but expecting utter dissapointment)
          4.) World of Warcraft
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            Originally posted by tniem
            ADG when is Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 supposed to come out? I liked the first one and while I won't purchase it day one, I might pick it up when it comes out.
            Just wanted to tell you, the official site has been updated (not much info about RTC2 though, but I guess it'll come some day), but on the site, they tell when it will be released, so if it's being delayed, then this would proberbly be the place to get the info )
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