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    The first time I played Alpha Centauri, it simply blew me away. It was the first CivGame I'd played, and I literally almost died when I made a technological breakthrough and the box popped up, with somebody reading an excerpt from Lady Deirdre's book. I listened to every single quotation during that session. Nothing compares to that feeling you get the first time you play a game, when everything is new and shiny.
    Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.


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      Completing Dungeon Master, Bards Tale, Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge and filing away all the carefully inked maps at last
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        Halls of the Things, Sabre Wulf and System Shock 2


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          Completing Super Mario Land on the Game Boy. The end music is sweeet.

          Entering the 'Garden of Kadesh' in Homeworld.

          The end battles of Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger.

          Going into Hong Kong for the first time in Deus Ex.

          At least half the levels in GoldenEye.

          At least half the levels in Lylat Wars (Starfox 64)

          Defeating Empires larger then myself in Civ2 and EU.

          Finding an uncolonized island midgame in civ3. I know it's a waste of time, but I can't help but try to colonize it.


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            beating HOMM2 (map:broken alliance) in impossible within 3.5 months, and beating SMAC in 180 turns (transcend level, standard size, diplomatic vic. and standart water, native life, etc.)
            someone teach me baduk


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              Top gaming experiences

              On ZX81:

              first time i typed in 100 odd lines of code that resulted in my 'Helicopter' ('L__T_' - yeah that's a helicopter!!) flying around the screen.

              first time i had spent 6 hours typing in a new game to make use of my new extra 16k ram pack and it 'wobbled' - i lost everything.
              (well it was an experience).

              on Atari 800:

              Becoming so good at Joust that none of my friends could beat me in a two-player game. And i could kill the evil flying 'thing' 8 times out of 10(shuffle...shuffle..bweep).

              Crying to the song in the Green Boar inn from Alternate Reality: The City. It(I?) was very sad, I was very young and had split with my first girlfriend.

              Completely mapping the whole of Alternate Reality: The City and Alternate Reality: The Dungeon. But failing to find the answer to a riddle in the last level of the later.

              Playing M.U.L.E with a friend and both 'bobbing' to the song

              on Amiga:

              Completing Speedball 2 for the first time. Breaking 4 joysticks on Speedball 2 while 'playing' against a friend.

              Playing X-com(1) and having half my squad mind controlled by aliens and everyone being killed(for the first time).

              Playing Pirates alot and usually ending up as some low-life.

              Playing Civ.

              on PC:

              Playing Pirates alot and usually ending up as some middle-life.

              Civ2+Call to power2(hotseat and multiplayer)

              Computergames are great(some of them)

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                Shooting down Manfred von Richthofen in the original "Red Baron"

                I had a grin on my face for the rest of the day.
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                  Playing Sopwith, and having my friends hit the "bomb" key while I was flying upside down.

                  I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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                    Skipping out into the sunlight from Castle Wolfenstein.

                    Blowing up the space station at the end of Wing Commander.

                    Being saluted by the game designer of Patton vs. Rommel after playing as the Germans.

                    Simultaneously being Doge of Venice and Pope in Machievelli, the Prince

                    Beating the flying fortress in Dragonrider

                    Getting the Congressional Medal of Honor in Strike Eagle II

                    Escaping from the exploding enemy base at the end of Sentinel Worlds I; Future Magic

                    & Being made King's Advisor at the end of Pirates
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                      Some new ones I just thought of (many Nintendo related):

                      Watching the dance scene at the end of Super Mario Brothers 2.

                      The first time I used a warp whistle in Super Mario Brothers 3.

                      Finding the Star Road in Super Mario World.

                      Wet-Dry World in Mario 64.


                      (Yeah, I love Mario! )

                      Using Planet Busters in Alpha Centauri.

                      Seeing the UFOs in SimCity.
                      Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.