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RTS Processor Reqs, 2002

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  • RTS Processor Reqs, 2002

    What sort of processor power will RTS/TBS games take to run in 2002? 2003-4? I'm guessing they won't hit the 1000MHz mark for a while. (hard to imagine Civ5 being that demanding) Think video cards will start to be the norm as well, and branch into other genres?


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    I don't think developers will be pushing the envelope much since most gamers are reluctant to upgrade their computers just for a game. Some will, but most won't.
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      Re: RTS Processor Reqs, 2002

      Originally posted by Wiglaf
      (hard to imagine Civ5 being that demanding)
      Try playing Civ 3 on a huge map and you'll change your mind. Sadly, this game is so poorly written that it would benefit tremendously from a 2Ghz+ processor right now.

      Let's hope that Civ's shoddy programming style doesn't become the norm, or you will need that computer upgrade sooner than you think!

      Apart from this one example though, you probably won't see a game that requires a 1Ghz processor for at least a year as long as you have a relatively high end video card.



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        (hard to imagine Civ5 being that demanding)

        You're a wee one, are you not?
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          Actually some 1.5 GhZ machines are faster than 2GhZ machines; it depends on the configurations and the RAM.

          I remember in one magazine a 1.5GhZ atholon ran games faster than a 2GHZ Pentium.
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