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Strategy 4 pack - SMAC, Axis, PG2, ARmy men

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  • Strategy 4 pack - SMAC, Axis, PG2, ARmy men

    browsing, i saw a combo pack with SMAC (which ive been thinking of buying) plus Axis and allies, Panzer gen2 (i think it was 2), and army men. For $20. US.

    Now i think SMac can be found alone for $10 or less. Army men is a zero value for me - Im not a big RTS fan to start, but might be interested in say, starcraft - but an RTS about plastic soldiers will either be given away or become a coaster. Axis and allies is, from what ive heard, a very beer and pretzely (ie simple, not quite realistic war game) grand strategic approach to WW2. Not much better than a civ2 WW2 scenario, or is it? And PG is a non-grognard but still more less historically accurate (not like Sudden strike) take on WW2 tactical combat.

    So as far as i can see PG is about a $5 value, A&A $1, and Army men 0 = total of $6, not worth it to buy this vs Smac alone (i realize these numbers are small, im just being a little compulsive)

    Your thoughts (on the games, not on the compulsiveness )

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    1) Well, SMAC has excellent value. The forum on this site will direct you to a number of excellent sceanrios/additional factions/add-ons.

    2) Panzer General 2 is worth its weight in gold. It is a classic turn-based WWII wargame. I have the game and it still plays well, especially with all the add-ons being made by a dedicated group of gamers.

    There is a ton of new campaigns/scenarios/new equipment files/units, etc.

    A starting point would be to check out the following sites:

    a) for campaigns, scenarios:

    b) huge forum focussing on PG2, PG, and other wargames:

    3) Axis & Allies - yes beer & pretzel wargame. But it is a nice diversion, and I still play it occasionally.

    4) Army men - That game doesn't appeal to me at all.

    So, the two best games would be SMAC and PG2 - it works out to be $10.00 each - an excellent bargain in MHO.
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