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    You are absolutely right about pattern recognition, it is a basic element of human cognition. Pattern recognition evolved much earlier than logical thinking. Most animals recognise patterns: food, enemies, mom, etc. Only humans - maybe a handful of other higher mammals - are capable of logical thinking.
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      Originally posted by Anunikoba
      I credit my chess experience with a great deal of my logical thinking ability, as well as enhancing my skills in other strategy and tactical applications (CIV )
      My early life as a daily Blindfold player has been a great help in most of my employment since 1972. Especially since almost all the games were played for an hour in the morning, adjurned, resumed for an hour in the late afternoon and adjurned again until morning or after the weekend.

      Having to keep a long-term mental picture of the board made working with multiple passwords and other material that either couldn't be written down or required input too quickly to be looked up manually everytime it was required, very easy to adjust to. It also enhanced my performance and greatly improved my opportunities for promotions.

      It didn't necessarily make my chess play any better however.