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  • Chess playing CIVers

    All the time! Next to Civlization, its my favorite!
    Sometimes. I like chess, but can't get away from playing CIV.
    I have played it, but don't like it much- CIV is where its at!

    The poll is expired.

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    Well, this pretty much wasted the point of this.


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      I'd say you should edit the poll in either what is better chess or civ for chess playing civers. Or on what do you spend more time.

      At least for me is since I don't have live chess partners here, and not enouh time for both. I am playing more civ in the last 5-6 years, but it used to be different before. (especially before civ existed ) or when i did not have a PC to play civ on...
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        Well...chess is watch......I don't really like to play it best friend is pretty good @ it...


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          This is one of my favorite questions. Actually, I asked this same question, but in reverse at a chess forum. There, I asked the chess players if they played any other strategy games, and for the most part, they are focused only on chess. Obviously, a lot of Civ players also play chess, since you can see ongoing games both here and especially over at Civ Fanatics.

          In the Civ newsgroup, there are occasionally debates over which game is more strategic, chess or Civ? It's a difficult question to answer, but it serves to show the interest and passion for both games. I myself go back and forth all the time. I love chess and I love Civ, but which to play? Both games require a large investment of time and energy to play well, so with my limited time it's often difficult to choose. I think one big advantage that chess has is that it so purely strategic. To play a game of chess requires you to calculate and plan and strategize all the time, with no element of luck (please, let's not fight over the luck issue). Civ also requires strategic planning, but there's also an element of "let's try this and see what happens". There's simply too much going on in a game of Civ for the player to be able to keep up with everything, so the result is that sometimes you just do something/anything. Also, every move in chess is significant, and has the potential to change the whole course of the game. To an extent, this is also true in Civ, but I think it's easier to recover from a bad move in Civ than it is to recover from a bad move in chess.

          Is one game superior to the other? That's a purely personal question. Overall, I think chess is a game that requires more mental exertion than Civ. That's why sometimes I'll choose Civ over chess--because I don't want to think as hard as chess requires me to think. On the other hand, Civ (and other strategy games as well) offers an ambience and feeling that chess simply doesn't have. Everyone has their own favorites, and one isn't better than another.


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            I like playing chess but I haven't played it for soooo long I don't know how well I would do at it.
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              Re: ???

              Originally posted by OneFootInTheGrave
              I'd say you should edit the poll in either what is better chess or civ for chess playing civers. Or on what do you spend more time.
              Well the thing is- this whole post was moved from the CivIII general forum, and was never intended to be here.

              That is why I said there is now no point to it: the whole poll was intended to see how many would be 'CIVIII' players play chess. But a mod didn't pick up on that I guess.
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                Is one game superior to the other? That's a purely personal question. Overall, I think chess is a game that requires more mental exertion than Civ.
                I disagree about difficulty, although I agree it is personal choice

                You see there is reason why they havent been able to make a good Civ AI yet. It is because Civ is hugely more complex then chess. Bigger board, more units, new units appearing, cities, etc. Sure, you can play Civ casualy, so you can shess, but against real opponent you wont last long.

                Chess playing computers are a reality, however civ ones have yet to come. I think civ has that amazing balance between strategy and tactics, between one decision and overall that makes it both easier to recover if something is wrong and be really creative and inovative in managing a civ.

                Since AI sucks, and MP is inpractical, I play civ against myself mostly as do many other players, trying to perfect our 'openings', adjust to terrain or maximize resources or something.

                Anyway, not to bash any of the games, I like chess, but I view civ as more complex game.


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                  I am bad at chess, but love playing it.
                  Also loved a book on the game - IIRC, "Nimzovitch - My System"

                  The problem is that it is so insulting to lose.
                  My wife would divorce me if I beat her (at chess) again.
                  And I am insulted that my old Palm Pilot can beat me without much effort at all.

                  In the end it is hard to find people willing to play and closely matched, so I just play SP computer games when and where it suits me.

                  Chess has a real mystique to it. If you carry yourself with enough attitude and play in public places, it must be an effective way of wooing women. (not that I can back up that claim).

                  I like the following question:
                  "Do great chess players make great computer programmers?"

                  A friend is an elite bridge player and cites this as proof of his programming ability (even on his Resume).
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                    I showed up to make my next Chess Move and saw the poll. I'd have to say that chess is actually my preference, but Civ and other Strategy games are a close second.



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                      I like the following question:
                      "Do great chess players make great computer programmers?"
                      I dont know, although I am programmer from hobby

                      Although it may be true. If someone has patience to play chess, or another thinking game, he may have patience to solve programming or any other engeneering problems too. It is possible, but I dont think anyone can prove it definately

                      as for civ being a thinking game, yes, it is.
                      it can not be easily compared to chess, but I compare it to it very often.

                      I read chess is a game that falls under mathemathics as a 'graph game' and ce be described by graph theory. Chess has been calculated by mathematicians, so we know what computer can and what it will never be able to do in chess. It can beat human, but if the board would be only one tile more in size, all the work up to today can go to the garbage bin

                      I wonder is it possible to mathematically prove the limits of civ2 AI?


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                        I often like to compare chess and civ, although I agree that it's nearly impossible to do a direct comparison. As I've thought about it, one main difference that I see is that, in chess, you can see all the pieces, and you know what their legal moves are, both yours and your opponent's. Thus, you attempt to calculate as many possibilities as you are able to calculate. This is why it seems so mentally taxing. Civ, on the other hand, may well be more complex, and that's due to the sheer size of the board, the number of available units, and the different characteristics of those units. When the board is filled with a lot of stuff, though, it becomes nearly impossible to do any real kind of "calculations" as to where the best places to move are, or what you think your opponent may do. Since your opponent in civ may literally move in any direction they want (provided it's clear), it's pretty tough to try to work out the possibilities in your head. So, it's more likely in civ that you may choose not to try all that thought, and instead you may try a move and then just see what happens. To me, that's why civ feels less mentally taxing than chess. Of course, those who spend hours per move in civ are exempted from these generalizations!

                        In any case, aren't all these games about having fun?


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                          I used to really enjoy the occasional chess game but just haven't been able to find the time for it of late. Sadly Civ time has suffered too

                          I'm surprised Smash/CR/Julius haven't posted yet. Maybe its a case of those who can do/those who can't post about it!

                          [Edit: Didn't notice Ken's post. I retract the above statement Sorry Ken ]
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                            i love chess..... and although i can beat most novices, i am only 50-50 against intermediates and about 5% in the win columm against established players.....

                            the game is fun..... i prefer civ.... but enjoy a few games of chess a year to tame my cravings.......
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                              I play all the time at civfanatics.Both games are "thinkin" games.You do stuff with long term implications.Sometimes good..sometimes not so good.Both have players with "styles".Civ has way more luck or variables.Luck in chess is a product of bad play,most times.

                              I finish WAY more chess games than civ games.

                              a duel with no huts is pretty close....still the terrain though.It can be like an extra piece in chess.

                              Chess might be interesting with huts.Pop an extra knight or 2....I might give Julius a run for his money with that
                              The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu