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Strange victory in Master of Orion 2 !!

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  • Strange victory in Master of Orion 2 !!

    My civilization was pretty big, but I let down weapons a bit. So my fleet was no match to the psilons!
    And I hadn`t enough votes in the Council.

    The psilons wiped out three planets of mine.
    And they destroyed my capital!

    Then 3 antaran frigates approached my largest world - only 4 turns left - but I only had a starbase for defence. I had no chance.

    At the same time the large psilon fleet attacked my second largest world - in 3 turns.

    Using my last money I rush buyed a cuiser, scrambled together 2 frigates left, and decided to attack the psilon fleet in the 3th turn!
    The battle was hopeless. I self destructed my last ship and the battle was lost - and the game too, I thought.

    Immediately after the battle, a new election in the council took place. And guess what - the stupid AI elected me to lead the galaxy!

    I won the damn game when I was down.

    For those who fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered never know.
    For those who fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered never know.

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    Once, I was being beat by the Sakkra. Lost my best industrial world in the early attacks. I was lagging in tech also. I gathered every ship and attacked the Antarean home world. Of course, that is a victory condition. It seems hard to believe that the Sakkra would cease fire if this was "real life".


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      Talking of weird voctories...
      In my last game a few days ago I conquered the entire galaxy with absolutely inferior ships. I mean, my very best battleship was equiped with 4 mass-catapults and the weakest AI opponent was shooting around with Disruptors and Plasmaguns! But I was wise enough to exploit my two only advantages I had. I had bettter shields and a better computer. That meant total destruction for the others...

      It is very rewarding to annihilate a fleet twice the size of yours without ever being hit once. I single hit of their guns would have been enough to destroy a battleship of mine btw.

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