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Antietam and Baldur's Gate

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  • Antietam and Baldur's Gate

    I know these two games have nothing to do with each other.

    Do you think I would like Baldur's Gate? I'm a fan of Role Playing only when their's tons of interaction with townsfolk, and the plot really good, and there's lots of freedom when I do things and where I go (non linear).
    I liked the Ultimas (except 9), someparts of Might and Magic, Darksun 1 & 2
    don't Like Everquest, D&D games excluding (dark sun)

    Second Question? How is Antietam. I liked and disliked Robert E. Lee Civil War General. Like the battles but they got old; not enough versatility. Im guessing It's the same story here am I right?

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    I liked baldurs gate, but sadly it crashed on my system whenever I went into a forest area.
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      Baldur's Gate is a great game, but frankly there's not a lot of interaction with townsfolk and the story is a little bit linear. There's plenty of freedom of action though.

      If you want a really free-form RP game, and don't mind a post-apocalyptic setting, you might consider Fallout2. Graphics are only "okay" but it has an excellent story. Just make sure to get the patch before you play.


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        Forget BG, go for Planescape: Torment! Wonderful game!
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          Thanks for the advice guys, I checked out Fallout 2, I think I'll pick it up.

          Imran whats Planetscape Torment like?