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Did CivTots get changed to Advanced Civ?

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  • Did CivTots get changed to Advanced Civ?

    or is CivTots(sorry, its an inside joke between me and Dad(Civ tater-tots) been reclasified as a senario pack and Advanced Civ=CivIII?

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    Okay, let me tell you the saga of Test of Time.

    Microprose announced this and basically it is an facelift for Civ2 (that's right, another add-on except its a whole another game) - more 3d look and more updated look, but basically the very same game.

    We heard about this ToT a long time ago like in the middle of summer or something, and we have heard NOTHING about it ever since. Microprose has not said a word about it since. Therefore, the conclusion is that ToT is vaporware. Vaporware means that a company announces that they're working on something but it never really happens.

    ToT will probably never happen since Microprose has milked the Civ2 market to death. MGE is probably the last we'll see of the Civ2 generation.

    Now, the Advanced Civ thing? We have never heard of it. As of now, Microprose seems to have NO plans on further advancing the Civ genere, so it seems like it's all up to Activison for CTP and Firaxis for SMAC.

    CTP is basically Civ3.
    SMAC is basically the sequel to Civ2.

    Hope that clears things up. If I'm wrong in anything, let me know.
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      I think that TOT is being produced, and the Microprose has not given up on Civ yet, it's just that they are a bit unorganized and their PR is awfull. Can you believe that we only saw ONE preview of Civ2:MGE??

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        I think Advanced Civ is an old clone published by Activision or Sierra or something like that.:-)
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          Advanced Civ was a clone..hunt the'll find the opinion...well i have NEVER seen the full thing..but demo..hmmm somethings are best left unsaid
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            Advanced Civ was the title of the add on to the Avalon Hill Board Game Civilization. They produced a computer version of it by the same name which sold about 200,000 copies. It plays exactly like their board game. It is a precomputer version of Civilization.


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              TOT is still alive. I know because it is available for preorder using Chips and Bits. I have links set up, so that you can buy it online at


              it's right at the top of the main page.
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                Is it just me or does it seem as though MPS is run from out of a small basement somewhere. Or perhaps the backroom of a pub.


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                  They definetly need a competent webmaster, that's for sure.:-)
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