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Mafia XI - The Quick and the Dead are all mortal...

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  • Mafia XI - The Quick and the Dead are all mortal...

    There are XIV people playing in Mafia XI, which will hopefully go on for XII rounds should you not be able to catch the II Mafia around.


    Gather round, people. I have a story to tell, one which is most different form the tales full of jollities and chortles you have come to expect from me. This one takes on a completely different tale, one of death, destruction and turmoil...

    Apolytown. A wonderous place to live. Currently populated by 24 of the finest labourers around, this fair village became a blooming settlement during the goldrush in the 1800s. Since then, the town has diminished in populations, but continues to be a popular attractio for tourists. The main attraction is the river which flows ever so brightly through the city, and around the months of September is full of trout and salmon. A man by the name of Skanky Burns was the finest fisher Apolytonians knew. He sent his fish to the resident fishmonger, rah. He was quite well off, having monopolised the fish trading market during the gold-rush boom, but now was finding trading tough with only 24 people in the village. He had an assistant by the name of Kassiopeia, a young, sly man who wasn't terribly friendly with rah. Howbeit, rah needed Kassiopeia's services as he was not able to handle the catering business that his firm operated alone.

    Theben, or Thubbins, or Thlebinny, I can never remember his name, but I do recall that nobody made bigger carrots in his patch that he did. I also remember than nobody had a bigger ego than him. He used to show-off his county fair prizes to all and everyone who stepped into his cottage. Next door to him was young ADG. ADG moved from the big city when he was 18, fresh out of school. Nobody annoyed Flafnir more than ADG, with his hip music and loud rock blasting out of the speakers. But, Tehban did like ADG's friend of old, Rasputin. Rasputin ran a small vegetable farm on the outside of Apolytown, and often Rasputin and Theebin sold their crops together in the big city.

    DrSpike was also a remnant of the gold-rush age, formerly running the village practice, aiding miners who had bashed their head on shovels, and other such freak accidents. Now, he has retired to a small but quaint retirement home out of Apolytown, but often drives down to the village pub, the Fox & Hounds, run by his friend Hercules. Hercules was a fine person, often sponsering the local events, giving the winner the finest keg he had of the Sprouting Goose, which was brewed by alva.

    Jamski was the owner of a large farm outside of the village, growing corn and flour for the big city. He was helped by his son, Zopperoni, who helped run the windmill when Jamski was in the city selling his goods. His other son, GhengisFarb was training to be a chef and found a perfect place to display his abilities in making cakes, and scones for Jamski to sell in the city. He was most annoyed when he realised Jamski was not giving him credit for his products, but cash was the gag in this case. I do not believe that GhengisFarb has forgiven Jamski, yet.

    Jamski also owned some land south of the river, but was rented out by Jonny. He owned about 40 cattle and 200 sheep, but after flash floods wiped out his previous land, he found respite in Jamski. He currently employs 3 people, 2 his sons; Vlad Antlerkov, Vovan, and his brother, Guynemer

    Often, the only road to Apolytown is blocked off for various reasons, be it Jonny moving his cattle, or a stray cow on the road. This often being the case, Tuberski and Jon Miller operate a ferry accross the river. Should the road be open, they often find that tourists wish to utilise their ferry serives just for a little tour of the town via the river. This has generated substantial income, of course, but continue to work for the love of their town and it's history.

    A small corner shop is run by Spiffor. Known for his Communist beliefs, at first many people did not want to trade with him. But now, he is making quite a bit of money, though he is still finding it tough to adjust to people's attitude.

    CapitanGarlic runs a small créche with his friend Spaced Cowboy. Many people, dissatisfied with the service in the big city, look to their créche for a place for their children whilst they work. The kids love the Capitan's role-playing, where he acts as the 'Bert the Buccaneer'. Though some people have complained of the Capitan's strong, garlicy smell, he claims it is just part of the act.Spaced Cowboy acts as 'Curt the Cowboy', and he is a big hit with the kids as well. Unfortunately, searches for a female assistant to appease the girls at the créche have failed.

    Drogue, a young entrepreneur, has found the perfect place for manufacturing his benches in Apolytown. He works closely with Chaunk, who is the town logger. He is finding the pine trees and native timber in the hills to the north perfect for his business. Another user of Chaunk's logs is FlameFlash, who manages to run his tertiary sector industry using wood not suitible for Drogue's benches as firewood.

    All lived peacefully. Peacefully that is, until the Mafia struck...


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    hmm vegetable farmer ....
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      Some industry... bet Drogue uses me as his waste disposal manager too with all the firewood I sell...
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        So, who's whose brother? Is it like: Jonny employes his two sons: Vovan and his brother Guynemer


        He employs his two sons: Vlad and Vovan. And he also employs his brother Guynemer?

        Only reason I'm askin' is you gotta sort out those relationships to know whose to blame 'round here.
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          You were right the second time.


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            I cannot edit HTML tables to the extent that Zop & Kass did, nor do I have a WYSIWYG editor, so you'll have to have screenshots of my MS word tables

            (unless someone can comeup with one)
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              we sleep peacefully .....
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                Chapten One - the Killings Begin

                The sun had set over this hills which loomed over the Apolytown valley, and the long shadows from the pines slowly blended with the colour on the ground. All was black.

                Meanwhile, the pub was quite the opposite. Hercules put on a party for Skanky Burns, as he caught the biggest fish in Apolytown history that afternoon

                "Happy Hour is early today, ladies and gentlemen!!!" announced Hercules.

                "Gee, Herc, you're keeping me in business alright!" shouted alva across the bar.

                Hercules noted that Jonny was sitting, slowly sipping his beer silently. He went over to Jonny with a packet of peanuts in hand

                "Oh come on, Jonny. That face is making Happy Hour look extremely ironic. What's up".

                "She's dead, Herc. She died this morning," wept Jonny, and he put his head on the bar

                "I didn't realise your wife was sick, Jonny..."

                "Not me wife, you idiot! Daisy died! My finest cow... numerous awards she won at the county fair, enough to put old Theben off ever appearing at that fair again..."

                "Oh, don't worry, Herc... I'm sure...."

                "HERCILLES!!! EV'RYONE! Spaced's dead! Decapitated by a shovel, of all things. I found him by the 'illside. A trail led over to the west, but it started to rain and you know what the 'ill's like when it rains..." shouted GhengisFarb

                Everyone started to make their way over to the hillside, and Ghengis was telling the truth. With a half-muddened face, Spaced Cowboy lay minus his noggin in the earth.

                "Hey, what's this... Hey, you guys, I think I found something," Jamski picked up a small beer bottle.

                "We'll send it to the police in the morning, eh?" said Hercules.

                The sound of heavy metal was lingering in the air. One can only say, it wasn't appropriate.


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                  poor old spaced
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                      Cool, the game has started. I wanted to be a bartender again though.

                      Loud heavy metal music - that can only be coming from ADG.
                      EDIT: Oh, and Spaced is listed as both alive and dead.
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                        of course we all know that ADGd it !!!!
                        GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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                            Today at the créche the children were most happy when the Buccaneer informed them the Cowboy was captured because they hated him. As one kid said:

                            "He was bloody crap anyway!".

                            Draw your own conclusions...


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                              Are we sticking with the usual impalement/suffocation, or doing something different (I'm not sure where decapitation fits in here)?

                              Nice setup against ADG; obviously a frameup. But I still owe that jerk for killing me last time and that's a good enough reason for a docpile for me!!!

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