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    Originally posted by Cort Haus
    Ban the strange american use of the word 'already' when what is really meant is the word 'now'! :doitalready!:
    the logic is, that by saying "already" instead of "now" you present yourself as part of an existing trend.

    For the reader "ban perfection now!" could mean that this is the first time someone requests to ban perfection.

    When you read "ban perfection already!" it seems logical to assume, that this request is a follow up to previous requests that were unacted upon.


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      Stating you would like to se a person banned is fine, but die? That's a little much.

      WTF. Round him up and bring him to the forum square.
      I'll go get a rope.
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        Re: Re: ban perfection already

        Originally posted by Drogue

        What has he done wrong?
        Isn't this a thread targetted at a poster?


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          Good point.
          For though he was master of the world, he was not quite sure what to do next
          But he would think of something

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