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Important/Unimportant Game Features: Please Vote

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  • Important/Unimportant Game Features: Please Vote

    I will be setting up quite a few polls to gather information from people.

    Please remember that we are creating a game that people have been hoping for.

    Infact, I read the CivIV wish list recently, and I was surprised that a lot of what is in there is in/going to be in Humanitas.

    Poll 1: Please tick what you believe should be in the game.

    Please give reasons and/or suggestions if you like.
    Wonder Movies
    Animated Terrain (resources, tree's, etc)
    End Game Movies
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  • #2
    wonder movies - yes: it is always great to see when you had to work hard to get a wonder a movie of it...just an nice extra

    animated terrain - yes: it is a nice tweak to see a world that is alive...but it is totally not importent

    leadheads - no: it is nice to have but also not makes more sense to have a couple of different dimplomatic heads to talk to i guess

    end game movies - yes: hell yes it is the same as with the wonder movies it makes the win just that extra fun

    from the 4 they are all not really needed but i think then the movies are the most importent
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      None to be honest ...though after a long game it could be dissappointing to just see a "You won"-screen, so End Game movies if any of these.
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        I would go for wonder -and end movie(s), with after that animated terrain. But I realise that the latter will take a tremendous amount of work and time, so perhaps that after a sort of demo release?

        Leaderheads I don't find necessary. Always found it akward in other civ games that the same guy keeps on staring at me throughout a couple of millennia's. Perhaps some sort of paperroll screen (or computer screen transcription in modern times) instead, as like the 'official' documents are passed to and fro.
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          While all 4 would be nice, I've only voted for leaderheads and ending movies. However, Wonder movies are a really really nice extra

          Leaderheads don't have to be fully 3d and animated IMO, but I think they need to be there. They're the embodiment of the country you're dealing with, and their mimicks allow you to see immediately their stance toward you. I find it saddening, for example, that there are no leaderheads at all in EU2, and that leaders play no role whatsoever in Victoria (both excellent strategy games)

          Ending movies are a must. Humanitas is likely to be a game where the player spends much time on. There has to be a reward at the end. The Space ending of Civilization 1 was absolutely epic, and you felt like you had just led mankind from being unwashed hunters/gatherers to the peak of its glory and knowledge. Since Humanitas is going to be an epic game, it can do no less than an epic victory movie
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          • #6
            None. Graphical gimmicks .
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              The movies and splash screens do make the game for newbies.
              I think that when I first played civ II the wonder movies added to the game play even though they do take time and cpu resources. I know that most veteran players skip the wonder screens, but thats because they have seen them for hundreds of times.

              On the leaders, imo they help, but they do not have to be in the game. For Civ games it just seems to be a 'must have' just because people have grown used to seeing them.


              • #8
                End game movie would be nice; the rest are unnecessary.

                By the way, I've always loved your graphic mods Sn00py! Really looking forward to a game built with your stuff from the ground up.
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                • #9
                  End game movies and wonder movies Definitely need those.

                  I voted for animated terrain, too. But IMHO it's important that this aspect not be overdone as to distract the player from the game. If implemented just a bit, though (for example, trees gently swaying in the wind, waves breaking at the shore, smoke from settlements), it can really make the game seem more alive.


                  • #10
                    Leaderheads should NOT be in. Reason: that way, you can add more different civs/leaders without having to worry about creating leaderheads. Just use a portrait instead, Civ2-style, or maybe Civ1-style.

                    Animated terrain CAN be in, but should be turn-offable. Reason: it's nothing but eye candy, but should be possible to turn off so that older dinosaur computers could play.
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                    • #11
                      End game movies are the only thing I voted for, as that's the only thing I consider truly important. Getting something more than "You won!" helps keep the illusion that you've done more than sit at the computer for hours.


                      • #12
                        Endgame movies and maybe animated terrain.
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                          I never really cared about movies in Civ2. Sure they were nice to look at, but I would defently prefer to have some a world that looks alive than to have some wonder/end game -movies that you only see a few times each game
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                          • #14
                            I also go for none of the above. I would always pick AI over eye (and ear) candy.
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                            • #15
                              Wonder movies : It's always rewarding to see that you have actually complished something.

                              Animated terrain : Might be distracting and become quite repeative after a while.

                              Leaderheads : It adds personality and immersion. You don't have to anything better than static one-era pics.

                              End game movies : Same reason as wonder movies.

                              Of course, anything above isn't a must-be, but adds "that something" to the game.
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