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    But global extinction is not what is being modelled in the game. If you civ only has access to a certain resource in a certain area, then that resource can be exhausted. This is entirely consistent with the real world.
    Then why do you give an example of global extinction?
    If you can have access to horses on a continent, they cannot become extinct just in one place but on the whole continent. That is, if horses strategic resourcre disappears, all horse resources on the same continent should disappear. And Civ3 didn't model exhaustion in any sensible way. You could find a resource, not use it (just happened to have a road there, but have no unit built) and pop! it suddenly disappears. You can give weird rationales to that but it is just stupid. Exhaustion of resources should be linked to the player's actions, not random probabilities coming out of the blue. Civ3 handling of resources is, imo, pitiful, both by the choice of resources (iron, saltpeter are not scarce, horses once found in one place can be bred anywhere and are no longer linked to one source of production) and how they disappear for no good reason.
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      ideas 1-14 are great

      and reading through the posts and reading the answers
      I am really getting to lilke the game

      will this be out after civ4
      anti steam and proud of it

      CDO ....its OCD in alpha order like it should be


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        hey snoopy and jimmyh
        Any thoughts on the number and type of basic resources?
        Civ's always had Shield, Food or Gold.
        I think it'd be more interesting to use the Colonization style with Wood and Ore being separate things necessary to build improvements.
        Maybe include needing Food to build living things, like soldiers, since I see birth rate is not tied to excess food.
        While you're at it, make it be possible to automatically transfer a percentage of a city's gathered resources to another city each turn and allow as needed transfers of bulk supplies.
        Unless you're planning on a national stockpile? nah.....
        That way, we're more like a nation, not a bunch of city-states and we won't have our bastard children of low shield cities.

        Special luxury resources like in Civ3 would be a waste, unless possessing them conferred some benefit more exciting than happiness or some money. Maybe have them be of low worth unless you construct [Resource] Workshop, then [Resource] Factory then [Resource] Plant which depending on the Resource will provide additional money, happiness, construction 'shields', culture or whatever.

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